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Title: Food Concession at the Champs
Post by: Becky Woodruff on August 04, 2016, 03:35:02 PM
Hi All,
As an FYI, there will be a food concession at the Equestrian Park during the pre-trial and the Championships.  This is not the same vendor we had in 2012 or 2014.
I've pasted their menu below.
The owner is working with me to see if they will be able to provide sandwiches, wraps, and salad.  These items come from the catering side of their business and may need to be ordered and purchased in advanced.  The catering menu is prepared in their large industrial size kitchen and not at the Champs site. 
I've asked them if they could do lasagna (even if from Costco!).  As soon as I have additional information I'll let you know.


Concessions Menu                                                                       Breakfast Menu                                                   
Hot Dog                     $3.00                                                        Burrito      $3.50                                   
Corn Dog                     $4.00                                                        Sandwich      $4.00
Hamburger                 $5.00                                                        Muffin      $2.00
Cheese Burger           $5.50                                                                 
Cheese Pizza        $7.00
Peperoni Pizza        $8.00
Chili with Cheese     $5.00                                                         Drinks
Nacho           $5.00                                                          Soda              $4.00
French Fry        $4.00                                                          Bottled Water   $3.00
Churro           $3.00                                                          Orange Juice   $3.00                                                         
Pretzel           $3.00                                                          Coffee              $2.00 
Popcorn                $2.00                                                          Hot Chocolate   $2.00
Chips                $2.00
Candy                        $2.00
Side of Chili/ Cheese  $1.00
Title: Re: Food Concession at the Champs
Post by: Marcy Matties on August 04, 2016, 06:19:24 PM
I'm going to say it before any of my "friends" do - the above menu looks right up my daily junk food alley!  lol
Title: Re: Food Concession at the Champs
Post by: MoabDiane on August 04, 2016, 09:29:59 PM
Marcy aside....some wraps and salads would be GREAT!
(Not that I have anything against junk food, AND I'll have my RV...but several meals a day, long days, many days...yeah, some other stuff would be marvelous too!

Thanks, Becky, for the notice.  I might not bring *quite* as much food in my RV now!