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Title: Swimming dogs around South Jordan
Post by: MoabDiane on August 25, 2016, 04:22:48 PM
I suspect it will be cool enough that not too many people will be looking hard for places to swim their dogs (and/or their people!) before or after Champs.
But just in case:
There have been some serious algae blooms in several of the lakes in the area, including Utah Lake, and people/animals have been advised to stay out of the water.

Utah Lake state park does have a campground, so folks might be looking to stop there sometime.   It is a popular place to fish, boat and camp.
Sites can be reserved through - and that time of year, there should be space available.  (It's about an hour or less from there to South Jordan.)

However, I'm sure the park will have advisories posted if there is a water quality problem.
But it would behoove you to check this website for this or other bodies of water, if you're planning on any water activities:

Yours in Utah info,

I don't know of any bodies of water near our site in South Jordan - that's the good news!