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Title: Champs - Wednesday
Post by: Lynn Saunders on July 16, 2012, 09:25:35 PM
I apologize if this has been asked -- I still don't see a Champs topic section?? or Yahoo Groups-like Champs only list?  So it looks to me that there is the World Extreme Games Championships Finals on Wednesday -- anyone not in the Finals will have that as a rest day?

Are the EGC and pre-trial classes in the same area / arena that we will run in for Champs? If not, how far away?

When will we be able to enter / set-up in the Champs area?

We're very proud to say that Ready 2 Run Agility Club has a LARGE contingent of 38 members heading to Utah for Champs!! That is over half of our club! We usually take up "one square city block" in the crating area -- but I can see we may need "two square city blocks" this year! What can we say.... we like each other and like hangin' out together at Champs! That part of the fun!

Lynn Saunders