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Title: Tails Up Agility, Chesapeake, VA, 30 OCT-01 NOV 2020 Premium
Post by: Chris Chapman on August 24, 2020, 05:49:00 PM
Tails Up Agility Premium, in Chesapeake, VA, for October 30-November 1, 2020 is available and ready for everyone to enter!  Our Judge is Nick Sparks from Nashville, TN!  We will be alternating between two fenced rings.  We have a nice grass surface with ringside parking!

This is a Double Run Format Trial.  We are offering Intro in all Classes!

The premium is available on our web site:

It is also available on the NADAC Trial Calendar web site.
AND, I have attached the pdf and word files here!

Come One - Come All!     

Trial Chair

Title: Re: Tails Up Agility, Chesapeake, VA, 30 OCT-01 NOV 2020 Premium
Post by: Chris Chapman on October 23, 2020, 05:30:50 PM
Hey everybody!  Don't forget about our trial next weekend - outdoors on grass.  It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend.  Come on out to Chesapeake, VA for a great time with your pups!
Title: Re: Tails Up Agility, Chesapeake, VA, 30 OCT-01 NOV 2020 Premium
Post by: Chris Chapman on November 04, 2020, 06:51:57 PM
Thanks for spending your Weekend with us!  Much Thanks to our judge, Nick Sparks, who brought some challenging and fun courses.  Thanks to our chief course builder, Karen Hough, who did a great job of corralling volunteers to move equipment.  Thanks Rita and Kim for such a great facility.  We are so excited to see all the Photo Booth pictures all over Face Book and glad everyone enjoyed it.  Thank You EVERYONE for pitching in!  The weather was FABULOUS for being outside in November.  Once again we had new exhibitors, new to NADAC, and new to Agility so Exciting!!

Congrats to all the victories this weekend:
Emily Vlcek and Bree had a Great Debut weekend!
Gail Robbins and Skye earned All Around NATCH 7
Dillon and Karen earned a Q in Touch N Go without walking the course!  PIRATE!!!
Belle held her start line!
Barney Henrich O-HP-I and IJC, Intro Weavers, Superior Novice Tunnelers
Bradley earned 2 Qs
Bandit earned 2 Qs and Novice Touch N Go Title
Kable got his Outstanding Barrelers Title and did 2 gorgeous Weavers courses earning Outstanding Weavers Title
Jaxsons moms pants didnt fall down and she remembered the course    LOL
River (the Barkbarian) got her First Elite Regular Q
River (the Corgi) got her Novice Jumpers Title and Novice Regular Title
Belle got 2 Qs (her first) in Jumpers
Lily (the pitweiler) got her 1st Qs ever in Jumpers and Regular
Snickers weaved TWICE in Weavers!  (weaves are a struggle)
Lacey has earned 3 Intro Titles so far this weekend!
Elaine Geiser and Sam earned Elite Superior Versatility, Elite All Around, and Triple Superior Versatility!
Max entered his first trial and had fun and did at least most of the obstacles!
Lincoln got his first Q in Novice Regular plus two Qs on Sunday
Boogie only knocked 2 bars the whole weekend AND hit 6 weave pole entries the first time!
Rosie and Anna Vlceck had an AWESOME Regular run!
Calder earned Superior Open Tunnelers
Playing agility is better than counting inventory! 

Several First Q and Debut ribbons were handed out as well!!!  Congratulations Everyone!

Thank You for your support!  Come back and play again February 27-28, 2021!