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General Discussion / Re: Dog Memory
« Last post by Edraith on March 30, 2021, 06:00:28 AM »
Yes, our SAR team hosted his cognition seminar earlier this month. Edraith was strong on both. If you follow his FB page you saw us in one the clips he posted, or I have it on my ig @sunguramy
General Discussion / Re: Weave pole base design
« Last post by Shirlene Clark on March 30, 2021, 01:02:37 AM »
As you know Chris in Australia we have amazing weave pole bases that never move and are quite weighty.  I would hate to have extra feet per each pole as it ain’t required for our very stable bases.  I would think when addressed eventually it would be wise to take into account the design and weight of the club’s existing bases.

General Discussion / Re: Dog Memory
« Last post by Billie Rosen on March 29, 2021, 09:42:38 PM »
Interesting.  I think the dog cognition students are fascinating!!!!!  I have watched quite a few of Cameron Ford's webinars and it is really interesting to watch the dogs with strong memories vs. those with problem solving aptitude. 
General Discussion / Dog Memory
« Last post by Edraith on March 29, 2021, 07:42:35 PM »
So a few weeks ago I attended a dog cognition seminar, all studies done at Duke. I knew my pup has good memory  -  hide a treat in the house, she will check all known locations quick before looking for where it is now, for example. Even if it was days ago. She of course scored 100% in memory tests.

I see this on courses - the second run of the round is often worse. She remembers the last time she passes through an obstical and which way she went after it, and will go with that - so say you go through a hoop then turn right, then later through that hoop and turn left. The time, she will want to go right. She really heavily predicts. There are times I look up and she's doing the last half of the prior run, becuase last time we came through there, that way was most recent! Often our misses on these double runs, are litterally, her running the 'right' course at the wrong time, totally oblivious to where I am. It cracks me up at the same time as being super annoying  ::) I try to be on top of it, but she usually overcommits and takes at least one out of order before I get her back.

I was wondering, does anyone elses' dog have such strong memory and actually struggle with double runs? First one is good, and second struggles? Or if the same spot is gone thru in the same direction, especially two things in same order then a divergence, they default to how it was last time?

I know the saying is "it's humans' handling fault" but uh, yeah. Sometimes it's obviously something else too! Our dogs aren't dumb...and at least mine definitly has good memory and tries to predict - and has the confidence to commit and turn her ears and eyes off to me  8) If I miss R1, it was me screwin something up. If we miss R2, it is almost always her totally remembering&predicting the wrong course and doing what she thinks it should be xD
General Discussion / Re: Announcers for 2021 Champs Finals
« Last post by Ed and Tres on March 29, 2021, 04:10:49 PM »
You are asking for a sportscaster.

NADAC scoring is not instantaneous which would also not allow for your example, You may know how close 2 dogs are to each other but you would not know the score that quickly.

Would have to be coordinated with the Live stream provider yet possibly not recorded for the person paying for the video since they would want the audio for the run with the PA announcer and no sportscaster.

Interesting thought but Four legged Flix or some other video company may not want this complication of a service they are trying to make money with.

Sportscasting is a talent and doing it for a sport which is not commonly known is a difficult ask and if not done well is not worth doing.
General Discussion / Re: Announcers for 2021 Champs Finals
« Last post by arne on March 29, 2021, 01:10:41 PM »
There are announcers.  Are you looking for something different than what they already do?

I think so Amy unless I remember it incorrectly.  I remember the announcer talking over the loud speaker during many of the runs - that was fun.  The announcers did a great job.  I would not change any of that for any round but the finals.  I do not remember the announcers for the finals being a part of the streaming video - like you would see in many televised sporting events.  Giving a play by play on the streaming video (not PA) so people watching on line really get drawn into the excitement. 

 ...there are 5 dogs in this class separated by only 10 seconds.  This class final run is totally open ..... OOH Buck just picked up a 10 second fault for missing the dog walk.  That's going to cost him.... Red just moved into first place with that run of 38.21 seconds - some really tight turns there at the end! .... Lassie is going to turn in a nice time but she is not going to beat Red.

Maybe they did this and because I was in the finals I did not hear it?  If so sorry for the post. 

General Discussion / Re: Weave pole base design
« Last post by Chris Nelson on March 29, 2021, 11:03:21 AM »
You're correct there are no hard rules in regards to feet design, other than having them placed opposite the dogs path.

I prefer sets with a foot on each pole for stability reasons.     I think after the jump adjustment we recently made, and the tunnel bag adjustment we made, if we required clubs to purchase weave poles as well they might possibly plan a mutiny.

This would be something where I think the exhibitors should express their concerns to the club directly, and see what their response is.

It's something that could be mandated, but it's probably a long ways down the road.   Need to let all the clubs rest a little bit financially for a few years
General Discussion / Re: Announcers for 2021 Champs Finals
« Last post by Amy McGovern on March 29, 2021, 09:32:44 AM »
There are announcers.  Are you looking for something different than what they already do?
General Discussion / Announcers for 2021 Champs Finals
« Last post by arne on March 29, 2021, 08:14:15 AM »
I watched the AKC Agility Championship finals on ESPN and was really impressed with how much announcers added to the event. I thought they were particularly beneficial to any new comers watching.  In the past NADAC has had live streaming of the event.  They have also had announcers over the PA. Has there ever been any consideration to having the announcers speaking on the live stream for the finals runs?  I think it could add a lot for any viewers watching the live stream and to promote future NADAC Champ events. They could set the stage prior to the class running (i.e. dog x has a 12 second lead entering the final round).  They could introduce the teams as they came to the line. They could praise particularly nice handling skills or point out key course problem areas. If they had access to the scorers table data, they could immediately say if a dog was faulted and maybe explain the fault and penalty associated with it.  After the run they could speak to how the run might have impacted the overall placements. I know this would be much more difficult to implement than to request but just a thought.

Arne Lindberg
General Discussion / Weave pole base design
« Last post by on March 29, 2021, 06:32:36 AM »
The variety of weave pole base design and possible impact on certain weave styles most recently came to my attention.  Specifically, the occurrence of weave pole bases that move a lot when a dog enters and subsequently cause poles that are still ahead of them start to wobble back and forth.  This recently occurred and a pole whacked a dog in the head (full disclosure: it was my dog) which caused them to bail out on the weave poles and not want to perform them again.  Upon inspection, the bases only had 2 horizontal feet for each 6 pole section and the base itself was fairly narrow.  So, there were only 4 total horizontal base feet for a set of 12 poles and it was observed that the poles really moved a lot in general when being performed.  I didn't think to measure how long the base "feet" were or how high the support pins were to hold the PVC poles, but I'm wondering if there has ever been any discussion about base design and poles that wobble back and forth ahead of the dog.  We have always run on bases that had a support foot at each weave pole (alternating so to not be in dog's path) and so poles are quite stable even with a hard charging dog.   Thanks for allowing me to post.
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