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I asked Chris if I could post the link below.  I was hoping for a thread where we could post pix of NADAC dogs so those of us who might not meet at trials might put images of dogs to the people in the community. 

So here are mine in case anyone is interested...

The smaller yellow dog:  Katie and my husband Glenn -- who do compete in non-virtual NADAC trials.

The other images are of our special needs boxer mix Hildie who just got her NADAC number this week. 
The non-agility  image is her at 6 months old the day after we adopted her as a special needs dog.  She was losing weight with blood tests showing malnourishment-- too scared to eat unless handfed by my side in her one safe spot.  She was scared of the wind, scared of the sound of one leaf skipping across the driveway.  After 4 years of constant work with out vet, training and medication, she went so far.  Then we adopted Katie, our agility dog... 

The two tunnel pictures are of Hildie this year after starting agility -- the first time this dog has been able to feel real out and out JOY in her life. She is still a bundle of nerves, especially around people but she is a different dog today.  Since agility, she has been weaned off her long term anti-anxiety medicine.  Thank you NADAC for making video runs a possibility for dogs like her and giving us more fun goals (once shut down, agility has made her want to interact more than ever) now that we have discovered her passion.

I would love to see pix of other NADAC dogs.  :-)  Because of Hildie's special needs, we probably won't get to travel to trials far from home.

Hilde looks so happy running agility!   ;D Kudos to you for adopting her and giving her a great life.

Sharon Nelson:
I don't want to rain on anyone's parade.... but if you are going to do VT at home, I hope it is on different equipment that then shown in the pictures..... since slats aren't allowed at NADAC trials or for VT runs.


Sharon, yes, once I already posted the thread, I said "oops".  Don't worry -- for a VT run with Hildie, we will use NADAC spec equipment. 

Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of options when it comes to weekend practice.  We live in a townhouse.  We do not practice at our own home (other than things like doing contacts on the stairs, 4 weaves in our living room, etc.).  As far as we know, there is no place to practice anywhere near home that has NADAC spec equipment (grrrr!).  We actively look for places too.  We take Katie (the trial dog) to practice in as many places as possible to help her build her confidence.  We keep our hoops in our car trunk along with the crates. 

I am going to ask people at the March NADAC trial for ideas.  I also have to make sure Hildie gets some practice on the correct equipment before doing a VT.   I have a lot preparation to do before we can do a VT run.  Hildie would probably be ok for an outdoor run in another place as long as there are not strange people around or crashing noises nearby. 

I would really love to see pix of other people's dogs if people feel like sharing them.

Thanks, Ronni, it's been very rewarding seeing Hildie grow !  Do you have a picture of Scooter?

Here is Katie having fun last summer at a NADAC trials, she is our agility dog!

Does anyone else have pictures to post?

Glenn, Merri, Katie and Hildie


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