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Trial Thanks from Tails Up Agility Club
« on: April 18, 2013, 04:26:09 AM »
Wow - another amazing NADAC Tails Up Agility Club Trial in Chesapeake, VA! Mother Nature decided to be our friend this weekend and did not test the recently renovated trial site driveway. It held up great for all the cars and the RVs. Huge Thanks to our Judges Erin Wajda and Dwayne Bonker, who brought some great courses that challenged our awesome teams and made us think a little. It was really great to see so many new NADAC exhibitors! We broke them in right and taught them how to be volunteers rather quickly. :-) Another successful Yappy Hour with puppy play time, finishing up with a nice bon-fire. Thanks everyone for coming and playing with us. Hope to see all of you in November!   :)

Special Congratulations to:
Sarah Fix and Fire: Versatility NATCH #7
Sarah Fix and Jinks: NATCH #1
Tom Fix and Breeze: NATCH#6
Julia Foust and Joy: Novice Superior Versatility
Christine Donovan and Lucia: Elite Weavers Title, Elite Hoopers Title
LeeAnn McAdam and Jack: Novice Weavers Superior
LeeAnn McAdam and Squeaker: Novice Tunnelers Superior
Karen Schutz and Lucy: Novice Touch N Go Title
Missy Gordon and Libby: Novice Touch N Go Title
Emma Vlcek and Diego: didnít pee in the tunnel in Jumpers! {YAY!!!}
Stephanie Reitz and Seamus: Elite Jumpers Title
Karen Schutz and Lucy: Novice Jumpers Outstanding
John Virden and Lexi: Open Touch N Go Superior, Open Weavers Superior
Laurie Davies and Cassie: First Q Ever at First Trial Ever!
Nicolle Davilli and Casey: Novice Jumpers Outstanding, Novice Touch N Go Title, Novice Tunnelers Title
Emma Vlcek and Diego: Novice Jumpers Title
Alice Harwell and Cooper: Novice Versatility, Novice Chances Title, Novice Hoopers Superior, Open Regular Title
Christine Donovan and Grady: First Elite Q Ė Tunnelers
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Re: Trial Thanks from Tails Up Agility Club
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2013, 08:40:29 AM »
It was a great weekend in every way...thanks, Tails Up!  Can't wait for November!
Lee Anne