Author Topic: LeapsNBounds' August Trial in Parks, AZ  (Read 915 times)

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LeapsNBounds' August Trial in Parks, AZ
« on: July 14, 2013, 10:46:30 AM »
Please come out and join us for LeapsNBounds’ NADAC trial on August 23 – 25 in Parks, AZ.  I am accepting entries now through August 14th although we will accept Day of Show entries for $15 a run IF we have runs available.  We filled all of the runs for last August's trial before the closing date and hope to do the same this year. 

In addition to discounting runs when you enter more than 9, you can take an additional $10 off of each of your dog’s entries if your dog was entered in at least 5 runs in the July trial and 5 runs in August's trial.  This discount applies to each dog that you’re entering.

We can accept 10 RVs to dry camp on site for $10 a night.  Since we don’t want any sleepy drivers, RVs can stay for free on Sunday evening so that you can head out on Monday morning well rested.  Please contact Amber Abbott directly at to reserve your RV spot.  You can include your RV payment with your entry fee.  There are RV parks near by and you can camp in the Coconino Forest for free.

The premium is posted at  We hope to see everyone there.

I will email confirmations as I receive entries so if you don’t hear from me within a week; please send me an email to verify that I have your entry.  Also, please check your confirmations to make sure that I have entered all of your information correctly and let me know of any changes sooner than later.


P.S.  You can hand me your entries at the July trial.
Jeannine Doepke
Glendale, AZ