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Ups N Downs January Trial Recap
« on: January 27, 2014, 01:42:32 PM »
What a beautiful NADAC weekend in Southern California- January 24-26 at Lake Wohlford Canine Ranch near Valley Center.  Fifty three handlers and 79 dogs enjoyed 2 1/2 days of fun and flowing NADAC courses brought to us by Marj Vincent of Northern California (thanks Marj!).  The trial committee worked hard to make sure everyone had a nice time.  Thanks again for all the hard work from those folks!

We had one NATCH earned on Saturday by Sue Brent and her Aussie Camille.  Congratulations NATCH Camille and very proud mom, Sue!  What she neglected to tell everyone was that it was also her Versatility NATCH!!!  Wow, way to go Sue!

Several other titles were earned over the weekend.  Here's the list of titles for folks that let me know at the trial:

Mattie and Randy Thomsen- Outstanding Novice Hoopers

Camille and Sue Brent- NATCH TnG, Superior Elite Tunnelers

Rigel and Kathy Upton- Elite Tunnelers

Trina and Karen Ernest- Novice Regular

Mimic and Anne Etherton- NATCH4 Chances, NATCH4 Jumpers

Augie and Maria Marshall- Superior Elite Versatility

If I missed anyone, please let me know!  Congratulations again to all those new title holders.

Oh, and someone told me the NADAC Top Ten placements are posted on the NADAC Forum already.  Many of our local folks should check those lists- I saw a lot of familiar names in the Top Ten by Breed and Top Ten by Class list!!!!  Congratulations to all of those folks, too!

Whether you earned a new title, your first Q, or just had a great time with your dog and your agility buddies, thanks for coming out and making it a great weekend for everyone involved.

Maria Marshall
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Maria Marshall