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Educational Tip - Training In The Ring
« on: March 08, 2014, 04:14:25 PM »
In NADAC, training in the ring allows handlers an opportunity to work on a problem that arises during a run such as a broken start line or an off course.  Exhibitors are welcome to fix something that goes awry as long as it is done positively.   If you’ve faulted by going off course, you can redo the sequence and then go on.   In the case of a broken start line, you can go back and reposition your dog.  It is considered training in the ring and you will receive an elimination for that run.
Once you’ve trained a start line, an individual obstacle or sequence, you must go on.  Should you train a second time on the same run, you will be asked to leave the ring.

Submitted by:  NADAC Judge Lorelei Purdy, Forest Lake, MN
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Re: Educational Tip - Training In The Ring
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I just wanted to thank the Forum and the judges for providing the information in "Educational Tips". I am enjoying the content!
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