Author Topic: Educational Tip - Save Our Leash Runners  (Read 672 times)

Becky Woodruff

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Educational Tip - Save Our Leash Runners
« on: April 19, 2014, 09:00:42 AM »
Every weekend, more and more of the rare breed known as "Leash Runners" are taken out by well-intentioned tosses of leashes behind our handler community. The accidental face-shots, neck-wrapping and leg-bolos are a terrible tragedy, often leading to the unfortunate loss of these volunteers, but an entirely avoidable one.

When at the start line and removing your leash, having received the judges "good luck" of course, PLEASE just drop the leash next to you or toss a very few feet away. And remember the leash MUST be on the ground before the dog performs the start obstacle.

Please help do your part. The Leash Runner you save may be your own.

Submitted by:  NADAC Judge, James Bell, Floresville, TX
Becky Woodruff

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Re: Educational Tip - Save Our Leash Runners
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Amen, brother!!!!  Great comments!!!!!

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