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MyAgilityDog - June 6-8, 2014 Trial in Moorpark, CA
« on: June 12, 2014, 10:11:04 PM »
We had a great time at the MyAgilityDog trial last weekend.  We really enjoyed having judge Roger Coor.  Great attitude, fun and challenging courses! Thanks also to all the exhibitors for jumping in and helping throughout the weekend.

Congratulations to our High in Trial Winners.  The competition was tight, but here's the winners:
- Veteran, Ed Drenten and Jazz
- Elite, Tammy Robinson and Jewel
- Open, Andrea Entin and Linkin
- Novice, Carol Resner and Austin
- Intro, Lorraine Drenten and Flash (based on yps)

We would also like to Congratulate everyone on the New Titles Earned!

Starting with V-NATCH 9 for Scott Whittington and Lexis!!  Awesome Touch n Go run to earn this award!

Serena & Karen Godown, Novice Extreme Hoopers, Novice Extreme Barrel Racing, Novice Extreme Gaters
Jewel & Tammy Robinson, Novice Superior Extreme Hoopers, Novice Superior Extreme Gaters, Novice Superior Extreme Barrel Racing, Open Touch N Go, Open Weavers
Austin & Carol Resner, Novice Extreme Hoopers, Novice Outstanding Extreme Barrel Racing, Superior Novice Jumpers
Drifter & LeeAnne Rogers, Novice Extreme Chances, Novice Superior Extreme Gaters, Novice Outstanding Extreme Barrel Racing, Outstanding Novice Jumpers, Superior Novice Regular, Novice Hoopers
Romance & Scott Whittington, Novice Superior Extreme Hoopers, Open Outstanding Gaters
Lexis & Scott Whittington, Open Gaters
Zeke & Denise Gosik, Intro Extreme Chances
Riot & Denise Gosik, Open Outstanding Extreme Barrel Racing
Jasmine & Denise Gosik, Intro Extreme Chances
Dash & Janine McGee, Extreme Chances
Cache & Matthew Porter, Outstanding Elite Jumpers
Tank & Barb Cuadros, Intro Regular
Skye & Kim Udovic, Open Hoopers
Frankie & Sue Iavello, Novice Jumpers
Trevor & Beth Chilton, Novice Jumpers

Our Tunnelers game for volunteers this trial was "guess what the time difference will be between Riot and a dog of your choice" the closest guesses were awarded a certificate for a free run at a future trial;  Carol Resner, Daneen Fox/Julie Sandoval, Kim Udovic   
Thanks for coming everyone!  Hope to see you again at our July 18-20, 2014 trial in Moorpark, CA.


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Janine McGee

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Re: MyAgilityDog - June 6-8, 2014 Trial in Moorpark, CA
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Dash and I had a wonderful time at the MyAgilityDog trial. It was tiny, which is sad, but great fun was had by all and everyone pitched in to work. California NADAC peeps you missed out on an awesome trial.
Janine McGee