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GDAC March Trial brags
« on: March 16, 2015, 03:09:50 PM »
Thank you to everyone that came out and played this last weekend.  Everyone really seemed to have a great time and our judge Janine Mc Gee was a pleasure to have.  We had tons of food and tons of fun.  The weather held out for one heck of a beautiful weekend.  The brags list was long hopefully I don't miss anyone.

Special Awards:

EGC Fastest dog

Intro: Bailey Koeppen

Novice: Flurry Randal

Open: Manda Pfau

Elite: Tux Mc Creight


Intro: Freya Caldwell

Novice: Flurry Randal

Open: Clover Conner

Elite: Tux Mc Creight

Dash Award-This award was not announced as the loss of Dash, Janine's dog, was so recent that we wanted to honor him but did not want Janine feeling as she must hand out the award.  The tunnelers round we ran Sunday was the last run Dash ever got to do and he by far was the fastest dog.  We made a special award in his honor for Janine to present at a trial when she felt another team was the epitome of a tunnelers dog being fast, tight, and efficient.  She found a team at this trial that met this criteria and issued the award.

Saige Biggers had the honor of receiving this prestigious award.

High In Trial:

Junior Handler: Savanna Graves handling Paisley

Intro: Sachi Mc Glothlen

Intro Vet: Zoey Idland

Novice: Lily Hayes

Novice Vet: Timmy Jones

Open: Wyatt Erp

Open Vet: Zephyr Strom

Elite: Durango Young

Elite Vet: Flurry Randall


Flurry V NATCH 4

Gidget Superior Regular Intro

Silly Lilly First Q ever

Alice Novice Hoopers

Ripley Elite Tunnelers

Mc Coy First Q ever

Liesl Open Tunnelers

Bailey K. Intro Hoopers

Emma first Q ever

Flurry Superior Extreme Hoopers Novice

PJ First Open Chances Q

PJ Novice Hoopers

Bailey K. Intro Extreme Hoopers

Clover Superior Extreme Hoopers Open

Wyatt Open Chances

Wyatt Open Touch & Go

Clover Superior Open Extreme Hoopers

Clover Superior Open Extreme Barrelers

Durango Outstanding Extreme Hoopers Novice

Zoe Intro Weavers

Zoe Intro Tunnelers Outstanding

Zoe Intro Regular

Zoe Intro Touch & Go Outstanding

Spy Novice Weavers

Spy Novice Jumpers

Spy Novice Versatility Award

Cooper Elite Outstanding Weavers

Cooper Elite Superior Chances

Cooper Triple Triple Superior Award

Sachi Intro Touch & Go

Bandi Intro Touch & Go

Durango Superior Elite Tunnelers

Bandi Intro Tunnelers

Gidget Intro Chances

Lady Qualified for champs

Durango Qualified for champs

Athena Open Chances

Wyatt Outstanding Open Regular

Timmy Elite Jumpers

Timmy Novice Superior Regular

Lily Novice Superior Regular

Freya 1000 lifetime points first award ever

Timmy Touch & Go Outstanding Open

What an amazing list with some very amazing teams!!  Thanks to all that came out to play we hope to see you all again in September.

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