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Sharon Nelson:

--- Quote from: whultsma on April 24, 2016, 01:02:12 PM ---Great news!  And how would you like us to get in touch with Greg to reserve a space?  through the Forum or through email?  Or something else! :-) 



--- End quote ---

No one should be contacting Greg.  The parking fees need to be paid, and then I contact Greg to let him know and then he contacts you to give you your parking space.  Greg cannot allocate any parking spaces until he knows the parking fees are paid.


OK...that makes sense.  Is there a form for paying the parking fees?  I don't see anything on the premium.  Thanks!  Not trying to make this difficult..just trying to get my ducks in order!


Chris on Mushtown Road:
Cord and plug ordered! Like Wendy, I am ready to fill out a form, pay, and cross this off the list when you're ready!

Chris in MN

It took me awhile to find all this info, but to save Sharon the trouble, here is what I've found in various places:

1) Pay via PayPal, $15 a night.
2) Send to
3) In comments, give your name, and/or group if you're wanting to be with others, and how many nights you'll be there (probably noting arrival day, if not on Monday).
     Note that everyone in a group must arrive together.  I also included length of RV just in case it matters.
4) Sharon will forward info to Greg, who will then "assign" spots - though I think we won't find out "where" exactly until arrival. 

So, I don't think there's any "form" to fill out.  Sharon can correct if any of this is wrong or missing something else.


Thanks Diane!  This is exactly what I was looking for!



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