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Championships group placements
« on: July 27, 2016, 08:47:15 PM »
Hi, Champs competitors!
   We have many new competitors this year and a great group of seasoned competitors joining us.  I thought I would explain some of the scoring and awards for people.  Later I will also write a post about the pre-champs runs on Tuesday and Wednesday and also another post explaining the running order for Thurs-Sunday.  The more one has an idea of how everything works, the less surprises and less stress for all!!

   We will have 18 different competitive groups.

4 Pre-Elite groups:  X-Small, Small, Medium and Large

3 Double Digit groups:  X-Small/Small, Medium, and Large

4 Standard division groups: X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large

4 Veteran/JH groups:  X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large

3 Stakes groups:  Challenge Stakes, Silver Stakes, and Super Stakes

We have eight rounds of agility.  Two rounds per day from Thursday-Sunday.  Everyone runs the first seven rounds and the top 1/3 of each group (minimum of 3 dogs) run in the final 8th round.

Placements are given out for the first 7 rounds.  There are no placement ribbons for the 8th round, as we start the Overall ribbons and awards directly after the 8th round.

If there are more than 8 dogs in a group, then ribbons are given out for 1st to 8th place in the first seven rounds.  If there are 8 or less dogs in a group, then placement ribbons are given out for 1st through 4th in each round.

Right now (it could change if more entries raise the numbers), ribbons will be given out for 1st through 4th in the following groups:

DD Medium
Pre-Elite X-small
Standard divison X-small
Veteran/JH division X-small

All other groups (excluding Stakes groups) will have placements ribbons from 1st to 8th place.

Stakes groups do not receive placement ribbons for the individual rounds, as they compete only against the "course" and not against each other.  Each competitor will compete against criteria for time, course faults, distance bonus points and potential handler bonus points.  If they meet the criteria of excellence then they will receive an "Excellence Award" sash for each run where they meet that criteria.

After all 8 rounds are completed then there are overall awards for the top three teams in each group.  There are also team awards for the top three teams from the Standard, Veteran/JH, and Stakes groups.   The team scores are from the first four rounds (Thurs-Fri rounds).

There are many Special Awards that are given out after the first five rounds (Thurs-Fri, and the first round on Saturday) for the highest scoring teams after those first five rounds.  Those awards are announced and given out during the course walk-throughs on Saturday and Sunday.  Personalized bars can be picked up at any time.

Good luck to everyone and see you there!!