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Dog Chiropractor at Champs?

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Becky Woodruff:
Ok Folks.  You asked and you receive!

Dr. Katie Cosgriff is a human and canine chiropractor and has just confirmed booth space at our Champs!  You may have met Dr. Katie a couple years ago when she had a booth in UT.   Katie has been around the agility ring for many years.  Her mom is Lark Pollari.  Katie has even run agility with her mom's dog.

She's a top notch chiropractor AND she can shoe your horse!


Chris on Mushtown Road:
I am NOT bringing a horse.  ;D


Jeannie Biggers:
Woohooo!!  I was stoked when I saw her this weekend and she said that she would get a hold of Becky to rent a spot!!  She had to check her schedule so it looks like it all works :) 

Lisa Bonker In The Zone Agility:
Does Dr Katie have an email address?  Do we need vet referral??
I am very glad to hear she is coming !!

Lorrie Stelz:
Yay!!!  I'm so glad!

My dogs tend to need chiro after running so many runs and being in the car so long for travel. 

I echo Lisa's post... If you have an email address or website we can contact her for a referral, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for bringing one for us!!  All 4 of my current dogs, and me, love chiropractic!


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