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Re: It's ALL About The Purple
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True!!  We also have Linda Fuller and she has a much greater sense of "keep it professional"!!  Otherwise Carl and I might push it way past "normal" and might even make people shake their heads in shock!!  We will be good and not go overboard........ we will be good, we will be good, we will behave........ hmmmm


Well, if anyone can keep you two contained, it *will* be Linda! hahaha! But since there really haven't been too many "clues" to go on, we have to use our imaginations...   ;)  Since this *is* a Stakes team...what if Carl had a purple tuxedo (homage to Don!) and Sharon and Linda came out in purple ball gowns!! Don't have to run much in Stakes, so it could work...aaaand, just to prove Sharon is *trying* to "be good and behave", maybe she could borrow a pair of Jessi's crazy socks, so she doesn't (by accident) show off any of that dainty ankle!

HAHAHA! I can totally see this!

There's more to my imagination  :o ...just gotta go do chores,
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