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Chris Nelson:
We went and added a (anonymous) survey onto the champs info page. This way you guys can let us know how it's going and give us some suggestions, or anything you feel like typing in there :)

Lynne Almeida:
ok, now that I've gotten home and gotten some sleep, I have thoughts for the survey ... but it's closed!  I don't care if I'm anonymous or not and could just message you if you want.

Thanks for all your work this week ... I don't think I saw you standing still once!  (scooting about on the hoverboard thingie doesn't count.) Hope you're getting some good rest before leaping back into the fray.

I think that your champs survey form was a brilliant idea!  It gave everyone the chance to voice any concerns immediately and it gave you the opportunity to quickly fix problems that might not have been apparent to you.  Thank you, Chris for all your hard work.  Your efforts are truly appreciated (and I would have been happy to take my selfie with you, also) 😆.

There may be some of us who were just unable to respond to the survey before it closed (probably due to lack of sleep  ;)). If we have comments, to whom would you like us to address them to?


Chris Nelson:
If anyone has anymore comments the address is probably the best one :)


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