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Thanks for the good time!


I just wanted to thank the whole NADAC crew - and the many volunteers - who worked so hard to make the 2016 NADAC Championships happen so we could all come and have a wonderful time! To Sharon, Chris and Becky - I don't know how you do it are amazing. To Marge for the ribbons and raffles. To the score keeping crew (not quite sure who y'all are as you are kept in super duper secrecy!  :)) - using a new system that was blazing fast getting us our scores. To our judges, Gary and Craig, for endless loooong hours of judging. To our course builders who did a super job. To our announcers, Arlene and Sam, for trying to keep us on track. To Tim, Blair and Muralette for keeping us coming and going. Karen for the workers' refreshments. Audrey for the workers lists and more.

I'm quite sure I have forgotten someone as it takes so many good people to put on an event like this. But please know that I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for doing what you did to make our Championship experience a great one!


Billie Rosen:
Kyle, I have to agree with you 100%.  I think this was the best Champs yet, and I have competed at all of them.  It was organized, and efficient, which we haven't always seen.  The judging was superior, but that is usually the case at Champs.  It was absolutely awesome to have the running orders available on our devices and I absolutely loved that results were posted so quickly.  The Stakes teams were amazing to watch this year, how far their skills have come during the past few years. I thought the courses were fun to run and fun to watch.  Super kudos to Sharon, Chris, Becky, and the entire crew who threw this year's Purple Party!!!!!!

I haven't been to nearly as many champs as Billie (!!!), but I want to echo that this was the best and most organized one I've been to.  I also want to express my thanks to every single person working on the scene and behind the scenes to make this great event a reality.  Your efforts are truly appreciated.

We agree with Kyle!  Thank you to everyone who made last week happen.  We had a great time.

Cathy, Teddi & The Cocker Crew

I don't know about all of you, but I've only now recovered after driving home earlier this week...  we had such a good time!  Thank you, ALL OF YOU, who put in so many hours before, during, and after the event to make it the best ever!  I loved meeting so many people I just knew by name, and seeing so many of you that I only get to see occasionally throughout the year.  Rest up, and let's do it again next year in Illinois!!!
-dayle and tesla


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