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Hoop and Gate pictures/build instructions

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Chris Nelson:
Some pictures to guide your hoop and gate builds :)

Sandy Langan:
Thanks Chris, I used these when our club made all it's gates this year. FYI The hoops you made for me years ago are still holding up very well and are used at all our trials.

Can you still use x-pen panels still?

Marcy Matties:

--- Quote from: chrystalecco on October 23, 2016, 04:56:35 PM ---Can you still use x-pen panels still?

--- End quote ---

If you are referring to using x-pens in X-Hoopers the answer is yes.  I think this is just instructions for people that want to make/use gates.  A lot of people use them for all kinds of foundation and directional training, not just for X-Hoopers.

Linda W. Anderson:
Is it still permissible to use 3 gates per side and 2 gates for the wings or must a club use the 4 gates per side and 3 for the wings?


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