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Chris Nelson:
Hey folks,
Made a video to go over a few details at Champs.    Didn't cover every little thing, but hopefully it'll answer a few things before we actually get to the site :)

If you don't want to watch the whole thing you can skip to certain sections, here are the relevant times:
0:00 - 1:25 = Introduction
1:26 - 10:10 = RV Parking, Car Parking, Stalls, Crating Area
10:11 - 16:38 = Pre-Trial Info
16:39 - End = Champs Info

Will we know ahead of time where our RV spot is?  We don't anticipate getting there until 7:00 or 8:00 PM on Tuesday so all y'all might not be around.


Jean Sather (McCreight):
Chris (or anyone else who has watched this) -- is there NEW information in this video?  Or is it pretty much a summary of all previous information which has been put out?  I've been keeping up pretty well with the ongoing string of Championships information through the summer on the forum, but getting ready to leave town tomorrow morning early and really don't have an extra half hour today to watch this .....  but if there is really important stuff in here I'll make time to watch it somewhere along the road in the next 10 days or so .....  :P

Jeannie Biggers:
Jean you have been to enough really nothing new.  He does go over a map and where everything is etc but I am sure you can figure it all out when you get there.  If you do find the time it is very informative and Chris does a great job explaining everything.  It is fun to see how it is all going to lay out :)

As a first timer I found this to be a very helpful video.  Thanks Chris!


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