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Veteran Handler, Vet Dog, & Junior Handler Questions


Sara Langston:
I have been running as a Vet Handler for many years now and thought I was clear on everything.  However, I recently started using a new entry form which I got from another trial secretary.  I just noticed that there is only a Division for "Vet" on the entry form.  Shouldn't my entry form have Std, VD, VH, & JH???  With the recent changes in the times and new info in the Rulebook, I am totally confused.  Is there a difference when a person runs a Vet Dog or as a Vet Handler for times???  I am clear on the 4" reductions and that a dog over 9 enters as a Vet Dog and one over 12 enters as  Skilled Vet Dog.  What I am not clear on is if there is a difference in the times for a Vet Dog and a Vet Handler.  I am probably overthinking this, but I need some help getting my brain around all this again.  Have not attended a trial since the new times took effect so I have nothing to compare.  Thanks for any help. 


Marcy Matties:
The times are now all the same - dog or handler.  So only need to have one "Vet" designation.

Chris Nelson:
That's kind of correct.  But there are some important differences.

The big one is that if you're taking a vet handler height break you have to take that with ALL your dogs entered that weekend running under your name.

But vet dog and vet handler both drop you 4" and both get you the same extra time

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Sara Langston:
That help me very much.  Thanks so much. 



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