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Western Regionals Souvenir Mini Pole


Hi Western Regionals Competitors!

I am Dayle Shimamura and I create Agility title poles for clubs and individuals.  I will be vending at the Western Regionals this year.

I am selling Western Regionals Souvenir Mini Poles.  They are 16" long furniture grade PVC poles.  They are $20 each, which includes personalization.

I have attached photos of the poles.  What you don't see is on the personalization section, I have "Dayle Shimamura &" above TESLA.  You can personalize your pole however you wish...  if you want all of your dogs' names on one pole, I'll try and get them all on there, with or without your name.  Whatever you'd like.

If you would like a pole, please PM me, or reply to this email, with what you'd like your personalization to say.  I'll have your pole ready for you at Regionals.

I am bringing my equipment with me so if you'd like to see the pole in person first, I can personalize them nightly.  I'd just like to get a headstart...

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to seeing all of you in Reno!

Mary Kapner:
Mitzi and China would like one.

How much for a NATCH Pole?   

I see a good way to save a large pile of $$$$$.

Hi Harry,
4 ft. club title poles are $25 each (after initial set-up fee, which I will waive if clubs order at the Regionals), custom poles for individuals are $3o-$35 for poles w/out photos, $45-50 for poles with photos.  The variance depends upon how much decoration/bling you want on your pole  :)

Since there are folks from Arizona coming to trials in SoCal in the fall, I can ask one of them to transport your pole for you so you save shipping costs. 

Come talk with me and look at some of my sample poles so you get some idea of what I do  8)

See you soon!

Kim Udovic:
Dayle's custom NATCH poles are terrific! 


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