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Second Chance Entries
« on: July 31, 2018, 05:39:37 PM »
Second Chance Entries open tonight at Midnight Central time.

Some info about second chance:

Second chance entries are a way to still get into the competition when you haven't quite earned the required points. The number of second chance entries available is dependent on a couple different factors:

How many empty slots we have at the event
Whether a certain division needs more dogs in order to avoid being combined with another

A a general rule of thumb if you want to enter using second chance you should have:

At least 50 points in Open or Elite Regular in order to enter the Elite division.

At least 50 points in Novice or Open to enter Pre-Elite.

The only stakes class that you can enter using Second Chance is Starter Stakes. You should have at least one Regular Bonus or distance challenge, and enough bonuses in the other classes to show you are prepared for the challenge.


If you are grossly under qualified we will refund your entry and pull your second chance entry from the event.