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Video Vendor for Pre-Trial Competitors
« on: September 03, 2018, 09:59:20 PM »
Kathy and Alan Upton of Agility Videos 4 You from San Diego will be filming CHAMPS Pre-Trial runs! Our cameras record in 1920x1080 HD MP4 format and are compatible with both PC and Mac computers. The files are quite large. If you have a good-sized flash drive with enough space on it, we can probably use it.  We will have new 16 gigabyte USB 3.0 flash drives available for $20. You can fill them with videos from many more trials after you take them home!

Because we will be busy filming Tuesday and Wednesday, we may not be at the booth. Videos will be available for previews starting Thursday. If you have runs you want, we will have order forms available. Feel free to fill them out and leave them in the order form binder even if we aren't there.

Videos are only $5.00 each, but we encourage our customers to help us by locating their runs on one of our 4 networked computers and noting the video number on their order form. Gate sheets will be available for reference.

If you’re interested in purchasing a flash drive for Pre-Trial, please contact Kathy Upton at I’ll take time to put your name on one before the trial so we’ll be ready to fill it with your runs!  Samples of our videos are on our YouTube channel:

Can't wait to meet you all!
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Re: Video Vendor for Pre-Trial Competitors
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That's awesome!  Thank you so much for taking this on.

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