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Offcourse Agility podcast with guest Margaret MacEwen
« on: April 07, 2020, 01:50:33 PM »
When I started my podcast this year, I had hopes to record on the road at NADAC trials to get different people and voices.

COVID-19 has thrown my whole plan into disarray because I have no idea when I will be at a NADAC trial again.

On my 7th podcast, COVID-19 Agility Blues, I had asked people to email me at to become a guest.

On the podcast released today, President of Dino's Fan Club, Margaret MacEwen answered my call and I think she was a fantastic guest. I hope you will give her a listen (see below).

You could be my guest too, come tell me your story of discovering dog agility on my podcast.

I also will be reaching out via private message to some people here on the forum to try to find future guests.

Without help from future guests, my podcast may not survive, and will become a victim of this virus.

Stay Safe and hopefully we meet at a NADAC trial in the near future.

Link to Latest episode:
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