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Off Course Agility podcast have you missed listening to my guests?

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Ed and Tres:
I have been trying to bring a variety of NADAC people on the Off Course Agility podcast.

Please give a listen to the stories of your fellow NADAC agility exhibitors, trial chairs and judges too.

Here are the links to some great guests, many of whom you may know from Champs, trials, or the forum.

Audri Tarr

Carole Daggett

Heidi Konesko

Linda Lavolette

Maureen deHaan

Amata Hinkle

Nancy Hoffman

Margaret MacEwen

If you like what you hear, please subscribe where ever you find Off Course Agility podcast.

Comments, suggestions, and any one wanting to be a future guest are welcome to comment here.

Or you may also email to

Heidi Konesko:
I enjoyed listening to all of the interviews and hearing everyone’s stories! And I also enjoyed  talking with you that day, Ed!

Is there anyway to listen to these without an app?

Ed and Tres:

--- Quote from: danforth on August 20, 2020, 10:58:42 AM ---Is there anyway to listen to these without an app?

--- End quote ---

If you click any of the links above, below the guests names in the first post on a computer, it will take you the page where you can click a play button to hear it right on your computer.

No app or smart phone is needed for that. should always take you to the latest episode but all episodes are also there and you can listen on computer.

Margaret MacEwen:
I had a great time as a guest on the Off Course Podcast and as part of the COVID Yappy Hour group Podcast.  I have also enjoyed listening to my friends and those I may not know from across the country.  You're doing a great job Ed and I encourage anyone who is interested to contact Ed. Chris and Amanda, we'd LOVE to hear you as guests. 


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