NADAC Rule Changes

This listing is to aid anyone who has not done NADAC in awhile to understand any changes that may have occurred since they last competed.

Change Info Announced On: Effective Date: Link
Please watch the video for a rundown of changes happening in January of 2019, some highlights are: 1) Play Area allowed at trials for non entered dogs
2) Renaming of awards to accomodate new award
3) Training in the ring is being updated
4) Grandfathering in from other venues
2018-06-012019-01-01 Video #1
Whiskers will be removed from barrel criteriaWhiskers will no longer be placed as a distance criteria on barrels. Because of this the distance criteria for the performance of the barrel is also going away. 2018-03-072018-03-07
Finish line refusals have been removed2017-10-262017-10-26
Start line training eliminations have been revisedPlease see rulebook for a detailed description2017-10-262017-10-26See rulebook for more info
X-Hoopers and Numbered Hoopers combiningX-Hoopers and Numbered Hoopers will be combining into a single class.
The gates/X-Pens will be going away with this change.
All points from the two classes will combine together.
2017-01-302017-04-01 Video #1
Video #2
Video #3