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Title: "If only I could run faster"
Post by: Lynn Broderick on April 23, 2012, 08:05:25 AM
Sigh... frequently, after every big non-NADAC trial around here, I hear this comment over and over. "If only I could run faster, we would have (substitute reason for NQ-ing- made time, not gotten that off course because I was too far behind, etc.). 

To me, it seems more likely that you will be able to train your dog to do parts of the course independently, or at a distance, than to ever get yourself to the point that you can run with or faster than your dog. (providing of course, that your dog doesn't start slowing down due to age, stress, or physical troubles).

So instead of wishing you could run faster, you would say "Ah, I need to work on getting Fifi to be able to run pinwheels with me just a bit further away." Or, "Darn- my front cross wasn't in the right place for that arc." Or, "Wow- I guess she really doesn't know the word tunnel when there's a dogwalk next to it! Better work on that!" Or, "Darn- my body language didn't support my verbal on that discrimination." Or, "We really need to work on sends forward down the line."

And that, ladies & gents, seems to be one of the keys in training for NADAC versus many other venues! We get it that it's training the dog and honing the team communication that gets you the successes, not micromanaging! And it can carry across venues.

I have never been as fast as my agility dogs (2 mixes, a rottie) when they set their minds to speed; I will never even come close to being as fast as Need4Speed Maverick. I don't want to slow him down, and I will never have the physical ability, no matter how determined I am to get in better shape, to run with him.  And I do so love to stand back a bit back and watch my dog negotiate a sequence successfully!  So I will save my wishes for attainable goals. Now to convince others to do the same.

Just a Monday morning rambling... as I sit here looking out the window at my snow covered practice field...
Lynn in Buffalo NY
Title: Re: "If only I could run faster"
Post by: Leanne on April 23, 2012, 03:07:23 PM

I trial only in NADAC, mostly due to financially only wanting to concentrate my $ in one venue to acheive some goals,  also due to the fact that one of my dogs is not allowed to trial in AKC.  I only occassionally hear the "if onlys" you were referring to.

I loved your post.  It reminded me that what I love most about agility, other than playing with my dogs and hanging out with similar-minded pet fanatics, is finding a challenge and puzzling out a way to meet that challenge.  It could be how to run a specific course for my 2 different dogs or how to train a skill that has popped up in recent courses that we struggled with.

I think that is why I love running Cody so much.  The greater the challenge, the more I enjoy it  :)

Luckily I get to train with Paula Goss on a regular basis.  She is excellent at the presenting of challenges and then helping us see what works for our specific dogs.  (Paula, will this plug get me any points for class tomorrow or Wednesday????   ;)  )
Title: Re: "If only I could run faster"
Post by: Linda W. Anderson on April 23, 2012, 03:32:31 PM
Very well said.  I am faced with this with my dog club every training session.   Too bad others don't see how much these skills can help.
Title: Re: "If only I could run faster"
Post by: Jeanne Allen on April 23, 2012, 03:55:25 PM
Nice post Lynn!

I agree with you!  Instead of whining about keeping up with your dog, work on the distance!  Yes, NADAC style running can be done in other venues.
Title: Re: "If only I could run faster"
Post by: Lynn Broderick on April 23, 2012, 06:11:20 PM
Leanne- what I wouldn't do to be able to have Paula Goss as my instructor every week! She is awesome!!!

I didn't realize you couldn't run deaf dogs in AKC- not surprised, but it's sad. But I don't think we're missing much!

Title: Re: "If only I could run faster"
Post by: TheQuestKnight on April 23, 2012, 06:33:12 PM
Hey Lynn . . .

Sympatico . . .

Even if I was 40 years younger . . . weighed a 100 pounds less . . . had knees that hadn't had surgeries . . . had lungs without COPD . . . and knew then what I know now . . . I couldn't run WITH my middle-aged and youngest BC, Pellinore . . . hell, I couldn't have kept up with my late Kali in her senior years!!!

"Micro-management" is NOT possible for 99.99% of the handlers in NADAC!!!  Distance work transitions to ALL venues . . .

Distance work isn't easy . . . it means that the handler has to TRUST their training and their dog . . . and yes, it does mean that there will be mistakes that get worse by the second because of the distance between teammates . . . but that's how we learn . . . and get better . . . and truly appreciate those very special moments when it all comes together in a few dozen seconds of sheer brilliance!!!

I came from other venues that valued "micro-management" . . . NADAC was TOUGH for me; but my dogs adapted to it very quickly!!! <LOL>

NADAC and my dogs have taught me A LOT . . . not the least of which is to believe in yourself and your dog . . . and then, just go and give it your best shot . . .

Yeah, there are going to be "failures" that are just opportunities in disguise that challenge us to improve . . .

. . . but when it all comes together . . . WOW!!!, those moments are PRICELESS!!!
Title: Re: "If only I could run faster"
Post by: Leanne on April 23, 2012, 08:08:20 PM

I didn't realize you couldn't run deaf dogs in AKC- not surprised, but it's sad. But I don't think we're missing much!



Probably not the place to discuss it.  But no , AKC, absolutely forbids deaf dogs from competing in any of their events. 
It was recently brought up to vote on the board and the rule was upheld.  Word from the board was: 2 reasons for their decision - 1. they are dangerous since they have no verbal recall and 2. they have an advantage since they are not distracted by verbal stimuli like other dogs.   ???

Laughable, really

Do you run a deaf dog too?

Title: Re: "If only I could run faster"
Post by: Lynn Broderick on April 24, 2012, 03:29:31 AM
Wow- interesting reasons, Leanne. But not everyone trains to the level they should, so I guess they feel they have to make those assumptions.

No, I don't run a deaf dog, I just don't run AKC. In this area it's expensive and the atmosphere is just too uncomfortable & tense, which make it hard to have fun, which is why I'm there.

Title: Re: "If only I could run faster"
Post by: LeeAnne McAdam on April 24, 2012, 04:23:59 AM
Well, there's nothing worse than a dangerous dog with an unfair advantage...rolls eyes.
Title: Re: "If only I could run faster"
Post by: Lisa Schmit In The Zone Agility on April 24, 2012, 05:07:07 AM
I do find it funny when I go to seminars and hear people say "I like to run with my dog"  Well.. I like to run with my dogs too--just not every step of the way !!! I run a lot with my dogs and I use my distance when I need it ( or alas want it because I am tired). In fact with Tandem, distance is easy.... it is getting him to work close to me is my problem ....and  I do love to watch him work so far away I have to force myself to train close..and it is HARD for me to do.

I think sometimes I deserve a DRI over 100 for how fast I run with Cuba and Dynamic !! hahahahahah

But interestingly enough... to take the flip side of this topic...  I NEED TO RUN MORE !!!     There are so many times with my fast dogs, I get 'stuck' in a pocket or get stuck standing still and it bites me in the ass !      Syn runs so much better when I am moving and not standing still.   Last weekend we rocked....cuz I was moving !! The weekend before and I was running 7 dogs ( sisters dogs too)  and the courses were such I got 'stuck" ( not blaming the courses...blaming me not handling them better )   we sucked !!!  I am convinced that is why I run better at champs than I do any other time....cuz the courses are so big and wide open I never get a chance to get 'stuck' standing still !!!   I am constantly moving !!!!

Gotta find the balance that works for each team, but moving/motion is a big part of it as well !!

Good topic Lynn !! 

Title: Re: "If only I could run faster"
Post by: Joyce Roessner on April 24, 2012, 09:00:14 AM
I loved your post Lynn, so very true.

Joyce Roessner
Calgary, AB

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Title: Re: "If only I could run faster"
Post by: Sharon Nelson on April 24, 2012, 12:42:41 PM
So far this thread is okay... but we must remember to not cross that line too far about venue bashing!  I don't understand the rules about deaf dogs...... I guess I understand if it were an aggressive deaf dog... but those wouldn't make it through training, let alone into a trial... and if they did, they would be banned immediately because of their lack of a verbal recall...... most deaf dogs I have seen running are the most handler focused and well behaved dogs at the trial!

As far as having an advantage because they aren't distracted by verbal stimuli.... I just can't go there and keep a straight face....

So before I start venue bashing, I will end this part of the thread.

Title: Re: "If only I could run faster"
Post by: Lynn Broderick on April 24, 2012, 07:28:56 PM
No problem Sharon- that wasn't the intent at all.

Lisa- I love it that you are having the same issues with Tandem that I am with Maverick- all the better for you to help me when I finally get to one of your seminars! :^)  He does love his distance, and I do love training it with him... but it's a disadvantage not to have the close work too.  I'm blessed to have both with Amber.

When we get caught standing still and forgetting to move- we joke that we are so enthralled with watching our dogs run so beautifully, we forget that we're supposed to do stuff too! "Admiring Your Dog Syndrome." But you're right- I've got to remember to move too, even if I don't need to run every step.

I just love the feeling of being able to trust my dog with parts of the course!

Title: Re: "If only I could run faster"
Post by: Menina and Marc on April 25, 2012, 06:40:46 AM
I am a ultra-runner and a triathlete and mostly it does not help me get Qs.  OTOH course building and bar setting...

The only time being able to run helps me is when my Princess decides she needs extra motivation so I pace her on the outside of the course -- jumpers and tunnelers.

Our struggle is chances and running with your dog makes chances all that much harder.  Most of the time if Menina looks back and sees I am not with her she stops and looks at me quizzically.