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Title: PAC Trial Recap
Post by: Maria Marshall on August 27, 2012, 01:47:43 PM
Well, if you missed Palomar's August NADAC trial, you missed a good one!  The cooler weather held for us and it was very mild on Saturday and, with the breezes, very comfortable on Sunday!  Everyone loved the courses the Roger Coor had for us.  Lots of great runs, near misses, and general fun were had by all.  Thanks everyone for coming!!! 

By the way, we had 72 day of show runs, so it was really great to be able to include all the procrastinators and other folks that decided at the last minute to join us.  Glad we could accommodate everyone!

Big news from the southern Califonia agility world- Ron Etherton has published his first agility novel- "The Not So Perfect Storm".  Those of us in attendance were able to procure autographed copies!  I hear they are available through Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.  If you know Ron, chances are you may recognize at least a few of the characters in his book!  I can't put mine down!!!  That's why this report is coming out this afternoon instead of this morning...

A hearty congratulations to all the handlers and their dogs for new titles earned this weekend!!

Joan Foeste and Savannah- Elite Jumpers
Kim Wilson and Will- Open Jumpers and Open Regular
Maria Marshall and Augie- Outstanding Elite Weavers
Pat Rundel and Rio- Open Chances, which completed their Open Versatility, too!
Dayle Shimamura and Alva- Outstanding Open Chances
Clydine Crowder and Dvia- Novice Tunnelers

Woohoo!  Way to go everyone! 

Thanks to the entire trial committee for all the work it takes to put on such an event.  And the volunteers were great, too!!!  After her single request for help at the morning briefing, she reported Sunday morning that she did not have to beg for volunteers a single time!  Keep up the good work, folks!! 

Thanks Palomar!!

Maria Marshall
Trial Secretary
Title: Re: PAC Trial Recap
Post by: Rebecca Kriz on August 27, 2012, 08:20:33 PM
I was in a hurry to leave, and didn't take the time to write down that Blue earned her NATCH-8 and Truly finished her Superior Novice Touch N Go title.  I was so glad I got to fit in most of the runs at the trial before I had to leave to head back to Long Beach for school!   Thanks for doing day of show entries PAC!

Edit:  I just realized that Tru earned her Novice All Around with that title!