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Title: Arf and Running October 19-21, 2012 Brags
Post by: AgilityRocks! on October 22, 2012, 08:30:36 PM
Huge thank you to everyone that came to play at our howl-o-ween trial! It was a fun weekend and I'm in awe of all the amazing handlers that were here this weekend! Here's all of the brags from this weekend, wahoo!

River and Lori Frank - NATCH
Moze and Mark Wissinger - NATCH
Kestrel and Craig Coonrad - NATCH 2
Frog and Natasha Osborn - NATCH 3 and V-NATCH 2
Risk and Jackie Loeser - V-NATCH 4

Cindy Conner and Clover - Superior Elite Weavers, Triple Superior Versitility, Elite All Around
Gypsy and Jeanne Allen - Outstanding Elite Hoopers, Superior Elite Touch N Go, Triple Superior Versitility
Sadey and Catherine LeCours- Elite Superior Chances, Elite Superior Versitility, Elite Triple Superior, Triple Triple Superior, Triple Superior Versatility
Flurry and Susan Randall - Superior Open Touch N Go, Open All Around, Superior Elite Jumpers
Kestrel -and Craig Coonrad Superior Elite Weavers, Outstanding Elite Touch N Go
Moze and Mark Wissinger - Elite Weavers
Cooper (Qooper) and Callie Cromwell - Elite Regular
Milo and Callie Cromwell - Novice Touch N Go
Lucy and Jane Foster - Novice Outstanding Touch N Go, Superior Novice Jumpers, Novice Outstanding Tunnelers
Sissy and Breanna Caldwell - Novice Outstanding Hoopers, Novice Outstanding Regular, Superior Novice Jumpers
Bounder and Natasha Osborn - Novice Hoopers, Outstanding Novice Regular (3rd Trial), Novice Tunnelers
Julie and Pat Potts - Novice Weavers and Novice Jumpers
Roxy and Jean Norderud - Novice Hoopers
Noot and Bethanie Ballard - 1st Run, 1st Q ever (2nd run 1st E), Novice Regular (1st trial to boot!)
Joy and Karen Holden - Novice Jumpers
Cowboy and Adele Delp - Novice Regular
Zeeta and Anne Murray - Novice Touch N Go
Ripley and Billie Kerans - Novice Touch N Go
Sophie and Witt Williams - Novice Tunnelers Title, Novice Outstanding Touch N Go
Zip and Kaye Davis - Superior Novice Tunnelers
Cloe and Lori Idland - 1st Elite Touch N Go and 1st Bonus Q (15 pts)
Giggs and Bethanie Ballard - 1st Touch N Go Q ever
Viper and Barb Delaney - 1st Touch N Go Q ever
Bliss and Pat Potts - 1st Q (Novice Tunnelers)
Tulie and Nancy Fisher - 1st Elite Tunnelers Q (thanks Witt)
And we had our youngest junior handler run her first run - her smile lit up the barn and everyone else too!

High in Trial
Novice - Jane Foster and Lucy
Novice JH - Witt Williams and Sophie
Novice V - Karen Holden and Joy
Open - Cooper and Callie Cromwell
Open V - Mark Wissinger and Ty
Elite - Terra and Catherine LeCours
Elite V - Frog and Natasha Osborn

Costume Contest:

Sarah and Stuart Hall - Shaggy and Scooby Doo and the Ghools

Bobbie Kinney and Jeannie Biggers - dinosaurs diggers

Lori Idland - croc hunter

Chelle Shumman - Goldilocks and the three bears

Also a huge thank you to our lovely, ever cheerful and smiling judge Rachelle - her humor and support is always welcome in Helena.
See you all in March!
Breanna Caldwell
Arf and Running Trial Secretary
Title: Re: Arf and Running October 19-21, 2012 Brags
Post by: Jean Sather (McCreight) on October 23, 2012, 05:46:57 AM
What an awesome list, Bree -- it was certainly NATCH-ville in Helena last weekend!!  What an impressive collection of both very skilled and great up-and-coming novice dogs!

If there were an award for "Having the most fun without having any "brags" to write on the board" -- Zack and Tux and I would definitely have been in the running to win that! :-)

Thanks for hosting such a great trial!
Title: Re: Arf and Running October 19-21, 2012 Brags
Post by: Jeanne Allen on October 23, 2012, 07:30:11 PM
Jean, Jester would be right in there with Zack and Tux!!!  As Jeannie Biggers said after one of his runs, he really does live up to his name!