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Title: Santa Wears Purple - NADAC Toys for Tots East Coast Style
Post by: agildawg on December 12, 2012, 10:52:58 AM
The 9th Annual Toys for Tots Dog Agility Fundraiser was yet another resounding success.  We returned once again to the indoor horse arena at Wild Winds Farm.  Last year, we were graced with a fire truck in the ring (even if it was just watering the ring).  This year, we had a tractor inside the ring for part of the runs due to mechanical issues.  We had a number of special guests join us this year.  We were welcomed to the event by the Chairman of the Granville County Commissioners.  GnySgt Floyd with the US Marine Corps came and visited with us on Saturday and spent time taking photos, and we even had a visit from Santa for more photo opportunities.

This year was our biggest ever as far as entries went.  We had 161 runs Friday, 488 Saturday, and 432 on Sunday for a total of 1081 runs.  We had an additional 65 ToyTot entries.  There were 124 dogs entered representing 9 different states.  And we had some great runs and highlights this year, including 4 NATCH’s! 

There were quite a few contests and events that kept us entertained and laughing throughout the weekend.  The Puppy Kissing contest was very popular, as was the Weave-Pole Dance Challenge.  We had groups doing the Hustle, the Chicken Dance, and Gangnam Style as well.

The food was simply AMAZING this year.  While there were numerous people that helped contribute to the food tables, Becky Spring did her usual spectacular job of coordinating and running it all.  This year we introduced the “Graze All Day” buttons and they were extremely popular.

The raffle seems to get bigger and bigger each year.  This year was no exception and the raffle was a big success.

We had the best media coverage we have ever had for the event, with several newspaper articles and even a video segment on the local news leading up to the event.  That helped bring in more spectators than we have ever had in the past, many of which were very interested in learning how to train agility!  What a fantastic way to introduce people to the sport of dog agility.
A personal highlight for me was the “Photo with a Marine” pledge made by Karen Kelly in honor of her late father who was also a Marine.  Karen pledged $5 per dog for every dog that had its picture taken with GnySgt Floyd.  The stories about her father, Vern Brintzenhofe, were  inspiring and amazing and it was such a fitting tribute to her father.  This will now become an annual pledge, but with a challenge going forward.  If you donate $5 to have your picture taken, Karen will then match it in honor of her father.

The pictures with Santa were also very popular and quite entertaining at times.  What a great sport our Santa was with all of the dogs. 

All in all, we collected about 6 boxes of toys and over $17,000 from our entry fees, donations, raffle proceeds, record food sales, donations from pictures, the Toys for Tots Weight Loss Challenge, and Addicted to Agility’s Exchange-A-Q Ribbon program.

It takes an Army of Elves to pull this event off and it could not be done without a TON of support from everyone at the trial.  First and foremost, thank you to NADAC for being our biggest supporter from day one.  Thank you also to all of our great judging corps, all of whom travel at their own expense and waive their judging fees.;  Sarah Fix, Chris Nelson, Mike Whall, Ben Philibert, Scott Casino, and Judge in Training Linda Anderson.   The trial secretary duties and scoring were once again handled by Tim Spring, and he did his usual fantastic job.  Becky Spring was our Food Goddess once again and outdid herself this year with an even bigger and better spread than ever.   The raffle was handled by Laura Anne Welch and Shelly Harris.  And a special thank you goes to Debbie Olson of Wild Winds Farm for the use of her great facility once again.   

Each year this event seems to get bigger and better.  We had so much fun this year and we are already working on next year’s event.  THANK YOU to everyone who supported us in any way.  Christmas will be a special time for a lot of kids because of you!  Once again you prove that Santa wears NADAC purple.

Thank you so much!
Ron Y – The Big Elf
Title: Re: Santa Wears Purple - NADAC Toys for Tots East Coast Style
Post by: Linda W. Anderson on December 12, 2012, 04:59:17 PM
Ron Young deserves a HUGE amount of credit for the continued success of this event.  He works all year promoting the trial and then puts in many hours getting ready, managing all the details during the trial and more hours after cleaning up.  He continues to earn the title of "Big Elf"!  Thanks, Ron, for all you do so we can have a great time and help kids.
Title: Re: Santa Wears Purple - NADAC Toys for Tots East Coast Style
Post by: LeeAnne McAdam on December 12, 2012, 07:13:14 PM
There is something seriously wrong with you if you don't have fun at this trial.  Thanks to everyone involved in any way for your hard work, hospitality and camaraderie.  It seems like we are looking forward to this one for months prior and talking about how much fun we had for months afterward!  It gets no better than playing with your dogs and supporting a good cause while you're at it!  We've got it on our calendar for next year!
Title: Re: Santa Wears Purple - NADAC Toys for Tots East Coast Style
Post by: SpringCrew on December 23, 2012, 03:01:16 AM
Been thinking about this for a while and am finally responding.  This Toys for Toys was another amazing show of the generosity of the NADAC community.  It was a joy to hear numerous first timers say how much fun they had and that they would be back next year!  Several of these folks drove hours just to experience the fun of the Toys for Tots trial.

Becky and I have been blessed to be a part of the TFT Fundraiser from the beginning.  Ron told us of his idea and that NADAC not only supported the idea but told him to make it happen.  From the beginning, this trial has been special.  Over the past nine years the trial has grown into an amazing event.  Ron is always looking for ways to add fun or a new twist.  I don’t know how he does it.  The planning he puts into this is amazing.  I see where he gets it from; his dad has jumped in and helps with setup, tear down and anything else that is needed. 

Another person that pours their soul into this project is my lovely wife Becky.  She is always on the lookout for a deal, making soups, making sure there is plenty to eat or drink and trying to make sure everyone has something they like.  After most people’s day is done, Becky is cleaning dishes, prepping for the next day and a host of other things to make sure the food is ready.  This year we had the added benefit of Mary Sparks supplying fresh beef, Gary Hassett supplying the grill, and Don Chapman being an awesome grill master.  Michelle make her famous Clam Chowda, and several other people brought things as well.  Ann Miller, a friend of ours from Border Collie Rescue, came and helped setup serve and cleanup in addition to making a vegetarian chill.  Angie Brehmer helped as serve and keep thing organized.  This year had a bonus, Morgan Merriman.  Morgan helped by selling raffle tickets, helping Becky with serving food, and being a vendor selling lots of awesome holiday ornaments.  What a great kid!!!  She busted her tail and helped Becky so much.  Thank you doesn’t ever start to say enough to these great people.

Chuck Brehmer took lots of great pictures and was always there to lean a hand.  Karen Young was making bracelets, made ornaments and was always pitching in went a hand was needed.

The judges, Sarah Fix, Chris Nelson, Ben Philibert, Mike Whall, Scott Casino, Linda Anderson were wonderful.  Where else do judges come so far at their own expense to judge and play.  You folks rock!

To all that came, to those that entered ToyTots and to those that supported us in any way.  Thank you for making this such a special event.  We couldn’t do it without you.

Lastly thank you to NADAC.  You have given us this wonderful sport.  This venue of great spirit.  You have supported this from the beginning and are a large part of the success.  We can’t thank you enough.
Title: Re: Santa Wears Purple - NADAC Toys for Tots East Coast Style
Post by: Linda W. Anderson on December 23, 2012, 05:49:04 PM
What Tim didn't mention was all HIS hard work as the trial secretary and all around good friend.  Tim works many hours for this event as well.  Thanks, Tim!  You rock!
Title: Re: Santa Wears Purple - NADAC Toys for Tots East Coast Style
Post by: Maureen deHaan on December 23, 2012, 05:59:45 PM
Wish this forum had a LIKE button! 

As a first timer who drove 10 hours to be there - I want to thank all of you who worked so hard to put on this event. It was so so much fun and so relaxing. I will most certainly be back whenever I can work it into my work schedule. The food was fabulous, the fun with friends I don't get to see all that often was wonderful and the facility was perfect for agility. And... we were blesses with 70 degree days in early December which was very nice compared to the 22 degrees I left in NY!

 I also want to thank all the people who helped me to make a pretty cool raffle item (if I do say so myself) of gift cards & presents donated by  Play~Bow (me) and my agility students and Erin Wajda of NAE & Ben (& Erin) Philibert.

I would be hard pressed to say I have had more fun at any other agility event in a very long time - and I pretty much love all agility events I can get to.

Thanks again Ron, Ron's Dad, Becky & Tim, Morgan, NADAC Judges and everyone else who was working so hard behind the scenes to make sure we all enjoyed our weekend!
Title: Santa Wears Purple - NADAC Toys for Tots East Coast Style
Post by: Wild Terriers on December 23, 2012, 09:02:17 PM
On so many points Morgan and I have to agree with you Maureen!  It is just such a magical weekend!!!  And, while Tim spends a great deal of time thanking others, I never cease to be amazed at his tireless spirit - his, Becky's, all of the Young family and of course the judges - it gives me such a warm feeling any time I think about it!!!

And, Morgan and I definitely agree about the raffle prize the  Northeast put together - the Merrimans have surely enjoyed using those gift cards and my puppers will surely enjoy the benefits of the gifts under the tree.  Thanks so much.

Thank you really just doesn't seem to be enough when speaking of this event, but I hope all involved know how much they are appreciated!!!!

And, finally, Morgan had a blast and will be sure to be back - Papa Elf said if there was I time I can't make it, I have to send Morgan and he offered to pick her up at the airport - too funny.

Karen and the wild Terriers