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Title: Thanks to Quad Cities Dog Center (Davenport)
Post by: JaneClark on February 27, 2013, 09:58:44 AM
Dash, Buddy, Greg, and I had another GREAT weekend in Davenport, IA (Feb 16/17, 2013). Great place to trial, great people, great dogs, greats judge (Robin Canberry), and FUN runs.

As an aside, I went to an AKC trial last weekend: wanted to see how my NADAC training translated. Dash and I had been way slow several months ago at the excellent level, so I stopped and concentrated on NADAC. Many thanks to this venue, Lisa and Amanda, and the teams who have inspired me: Dash and I got our first MX Q with PACH points. I did find the courses to be tight compared to NADAC, which means that I would need to practice those types of courses before I try again.

Although...I am going to continue to focus on NADAC for a while. We love this venue and "like" the others (AKC and ASCA). Champs are coming, and Dash and I need to get those Chances Qs!