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Title: RAD trial in Stevensville, MT
Post by: Kathy Phelan on May 28, 2013, 09:17:56 PM
Dusty and I just got home from Jackie Loeser's trial in Stevensville, MT. What great people and what a lot of fun!! I've never seen such fast course building - Jeannie Biggers is incredible, especially with great help from Carl and Dixie (WA), April (ID) and Bree (MT)! Chris Nelson is  a terrific judge, a lot fun and very supportive. Dusty and I have attended the RAD Memorial Weekend trial every year since we began our agility career - we got our first NATCH there and were excited to get our Versatility NATCH 6 there this weekend. Jackie puts on great trials, I wouldn't miss any of them (they're some of our closest trials - only 6 hrs away)

Thanks Jackie, Chris, Jeannie, and all the terrific helpers for a wonderful weekend! Dusty and I'll be back for sure. (3 Pines where were ye??)

Kathy and Dusty Boots A'Flying
Title: Re: RAD trial in Stevensville, MT
Post by: Bev Lewis on May 29, 2013, 04:46:06 PM
Congrats little Dusty Boots & Kathy! 
Love the plug for future travel.  Maybe we'll get you to CA for March Madness some year only 10+ hours away!!! :)
All the best
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