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Title: Certificates and assorted website things ...
Post by: agil8ek9 on January 19, 2014, 06:53:07 AM
Little bug in the certificate print for dogs whose names contain an apostrophe - has to do with the way that character is stored in the database.

I'll be away from a computer the rest of today and tomorrow (first trial after our winter break - woohoo!), but will fix during the week.

Also on the to-do list:
-  Internet Explorer problems with dropdown menu
-  Get the Outstanding certificate template working
-  Adding "All" back to trial lookup (by popular demand)

Things people have mentioned which I can't fix:
-  Problem with multiple select on iPhone (and probably other IOS devices) - that's an IOS bug which has been around for at least 2 full releases now. Supposedly, it's been fixed in the next update.  Meanwhile, select one more item than you want and you're good to go (example: if you want 1 state, select 2.)