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Title: Gray Summit, MO Purina Farms Funraiser
Post by: Richard Wolfe on May 29, 2012, 11:20:53 AM
Great fun was had by all at the Purina Farms Funraiser.  Attendance was lower this year but enthusiasm remained high.  It was hot all 4 days but the Beta Test format with 2 runs in each of 3 classes saved lots of course building and walk thru time and we were finished running by or before 1PM each day. Yesterday there was a nice breeze over the hilltop course to ease the heat of the sun.

Many thanks to Dwayne Bonker for hosting and to Judges Jim Nally, Nick Sparks, Bruce Glatzel, Robin Carberry, Greg Brasen for all their work.  (Lord help me, hope I didnít forget anyone).  Thanks to Emily Glatzel, Martha McCarter,  and Gina Pizzo (Iím sure there were others I didnít notice) who helped with timing and scribing and score keeping.  Everyone else at the trial helped with building, leash running, loading and unloading, pickup and cleanup and it was a finely tuned, efficient trial and lots of fun.

We tested the use of a barrel instead of a C tunnel on the Regular course one of the days.  Most of the dogs, some of whom had seldom or never seen a barrel, had few problems.  The dogs that had some problems were mostly the novice dogs who were having focus problems on the rest of the course as well.  Nothing that wonít go away with experience.

The 2 run format was interesting.  Many of us found handling mistakes on the first round that we were able to correct on the second run (or try to!!!)  Others who Qed on the first run were trying different tactics or picking up the pace on the 2nd run.  We found that Qing on the first run didnít make the second an automatic.  You still need to maintain your concentration and connection.  You can sure feel silly if you Q on the first but not the second run because you were nonchalant about the second run.  And it is a real rush to Q on the first run and push harder and Q with a better time on the second.  And the time saved gave us a chance to chill out or do some other things on our trip, which was a good bonus.

Again, thanks to all involved.  It was a very enjoyable holiday weekend.  It was my 11th consecutive year there and I hope this funraiser will be available for many more years.

Thanks to Dwayne for his taking time to remind us what Memorial Day is about during his briefing and helping and encouraging us to remember those who have sacrificed so much for us, whether it be our Armed Services personnel, Public Safety personnel and our family members who have passed on.   Thank you, Sir!!
Title: Re: Gray Summit, MO Purina Farms Funraiser
Post by: Sharon Nelson on May 29, 2012, 01:42:25 PM
Richard, that sounds like such a great trial and I really miss being at Gray Summit... Sounds like you continue to have a blast!!

Thanks to Dwayne and all for continuing the tradition!

Title: Re: Gray Summit, MO Purina Farms Funraiser
Post by: crking on May 31, 2012, 06:39:11 PM
We had  a great time at the fundraiser at Purina Farms.  We have been attending this event since 2000 with only a few times missing for personal reasons.   This year my 9 year old granddaughter ran 3 dogs, and as we were driving back to Ohio she was already talking about going back next year.... Thanks NADAC for letting Juniors run for a minimal fee.  She had a blast even without many "Q"s. Thanks Dwayne for hosting the fundraiser.
     My opinion on same run 2x...       I think the same run 2x maybe ok for the novice handlers, but I missed walking different courses even if they are run backwards.  I prefer not to run the same Chances 2x.   I like taking on different challenges and if you don't have the skill the first run, you are going to miss it the second run as well.   And if you do have the skill, I would rather try a different skill on the next run.  If you need two more runs of Standard or whatever and you run the same course two times to get your NATCH, I feel like I cheated somehow......
Maybe the newbies coming up will feel differently....
    All in all great time and  great people at the fundraiser. Thanks everyone.     Crystal King and shelties