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Title: Yearlt PSA on coming to Champs even if not entered
Post by: SpringCrew on July 17, 2015, 10:21:01 AM
It is getting close to that time of year again so it is time for my yearly service announcement.  Champs is in Springfield, Illinois October 1-4, Pre-champs is September 28- 30.  Many people donít come because they donít qualify or have a dog ready to run.  This will be my 7th Champs and I not run a dog yet, not even in Pre-Champs.  However; you would have a hard time finding anyone having more fun.  I have made friends all over the US, Canada and even a couple from Australia thanks to champs.

There are great runs to see, shopping to do and great conversations too.  It is like a huge family picnic.  You even get to see a flag waving fool.  Then there are some of the best of the best to see run.  Watching the runs can be inspiring, especially Superstakes.  Superstakes takes NADAC distance and supersizes it.  Watching the dogs move along the path with the handler across the ring is truly amazing.

If you enjoy the social aspect of a trial this will be a great time.  You have to be willing to meet new people but remember they all love dogs too.  There is a lot of fun to be had by watching and cheering the competitors.  You can be part of the crowd or volunteer to work.  NADAC loves to have people in the stands cheering and having a good time.  However; remember no dogs in the stand please.  No flash photography either.

There are lot of vendors for shopping.  Always a lot of cool things.

There are raffles to try and win.  I know there is a State Raffle where each state seem to try and out do the others.  There is so much stuff in a state basket that you wonder if there could ever be a basket big enough to hold it all.  Montana has a nice quilt again this year, it is awesome.  There is a Worker's Raffle, only way to get one of those cool prizes is to volunteer during champs.  Be a bar setter, box manager or leash runner.  Most of the rest of the jobs are handle by NADAC staff, Judges or dedicated crazies.  Bar setting is like a normal trial where you watch bars or tunnels, hoops or whatever the course calls for that round.  Box manager handle getting people through the station leading up to the ring.  Leash runners is a group of people that take the leash from one side of the ring to the other.  Unlike a normal trial weekend it will be for a jump height or part of a jump height.  However; a jump height or even part of a jump height will be long than any normal weekend trial.  There are only 2 round at champs a day but it will be a full day.

You can come and stay all day or take breaks, relax or site see; at least that is what I hear.  Me, Iím there start to finish having a blast.  This is my addiction and I know other donít see it the same way.  To me it is a chance to support NADAC and the many exhibitors.  Come on down and enjoy the fun.

Tim Spring aka ďThe man in the purple hatĒ.
Title: Re: Yearlt PSA on coming to Champs even if not entered
Post by: Marcy Matties on July 17, 2015, 05:36:03 PM
Will someone be sending out an "invitation" to volunteer for those bar setting, leash runner jobs?  And if so, when will that be announced?
Title: Re: Yearlt PSA on coming to Champs even if not entered
Post by: Richard Wolfe on July 18, 2015, 07:25:49 PM
I think you just read the invitation, Marcy!!!!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Yearly PSA on coming to Champs even if not entered
Post by: SpringCrew on July 18, 2015, 07:52:59 PM
There is normally are call to arms closer to champs.  Audrey Bloxham normally put out a post in mid-August to try and get a workers schedule put together.  I hope she is doing it again this year.  Stay tuned.