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Title: Awesome Laughing Dog Trial!!!!!!!
Post by: Sara Langston on January 27, 2016, 10:07:06 AM
What an awesome trial we just completed at Laughing Dog Agility!!!!  All the credit goes to the wonderful people who came to play with us in Autaugaville.  Everyone was so friendly and upbeat during the entire trial in spite of some wild weather.  Thank goodness, we were inside with heat as Friday was cold, Saturday was miserable with cold rain that turned to snow flurries late afternoon, however, Sunday cleared but was cold.   The dogs loved it and were running really, really fast.  Scott Casino was our judge and he was outstanding!!!!!  His courses were really challenging, but none were unfair.  They really offered exhibitors a chance to learn things about their dogs and themselves.  It was great!!!!   We had plenty of people willing to jump in and help in the rings so things ran very smoothly.  I want to say thank you to each and everyone of the people who helped make this trial a great success.  This was one of the best trials we have had in a while. 

Several teams earned titles during the trial and we want to brag on them.  They are listed below:

Jerry Barron - Cole - Corgi - Novice Jumpers Certificate
Colleen Flam - Rain - Border Collie - TNE-1200 and ECC-400
Colleen Flam - Rose - Border Collie - Open Tunnelers Certificate
Carol Greer - Ellie - Elite - All-American - Hoopers Certificate
Teresa Kerns - Skyla Bleu - Mini Schnauzer - Novice Superior Hoopers
Tanya Kilgore - Bryant - All-American - Novice Touch n Go Certificate
Sandy Langan - Dusty - Sheltie - Elite Jumpers Certificate
Jan Sammons - Mac - Shih Tzu - Open Regular Certificate
Jan Sammons - Peanut - Shih Tzu - Novice Regular Certificate and Novice Tunnelers Certificate
Cathey Youngblood - Teaz - Open Regular Certificate

Congratulations to all the teams on their accomplishments!!!  We are very proud of you!!!!

The next Laughing Dog Agility Trial is March 25-27, 2016, in Autaugaville, AL.  The Premium is available at  We will be offering Barrelers for the first time so this trial is bound to be lots of fun.  Come join us as we learn how to run this very fun class.   

Sara Langston, Laughing Dog Agility