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Title: 2012 RAT L'Argus Trial
Post by: Pam Kaye on June 25, 2012, 09:06:36 AM
Argus Ranch hosted this past weekend's RAT June trial again, and fun was had by all.  Our judges, Jeannie Biggers and Bernie Doyle, brought some not-so-simple-but-truly-fun courses, and both wore big smiles all weekend long, especially during Fido Follies.

This year's Follies theme was The Dog Aquatic, and we're blaming the rain on that clever idea.  Does anyone else remember the MegaDogs year when the theme was Under the Sea?  The Follies costumes were, as always, extremely creative in their reflection of the theme.  The course was, as always, extremely creative in its requirements for dogs and handlers.  The awards were, as always, extremely silly.

NATCHes were awarded to:

Bart Pierce and Bling - NATCH1
Mike Mason and Boogie - Versatility NATCH5
Pam Kaye and Panda - NATCH12

We saw some smokin' bonus runs.  We enjoyed a super workers' raffle.  We pigged out at a great Saturday potluck.  We collected donations for Old Dog Haven through our ribbon exchange program and a small additional raffle.

And all of the super-great and enthusiastic work by those involved made it happen.  Thanks to EVERYONE!

Pam Kaye
for the trial committee
Title: Re: 2012 RAT L'Argus Trial
Post by: Billie Rosen on June 25, 2012, 05:24:21 PM
Wendy Hultsman and I, from Phoenix, Az., had the pleasure of attending a RAT NADAC trial for the first  time (part of our annual Escape from the Heat adventure).  I was most impressed with the wonderful trial.  What makes attending NADAC trials in new areas is how hospitable and welcoming the people are.  We new maybe a dozen people at this trial, but were amazed with how many people we didn't know came and talked to us and welcomed us.  Got to make many new NADAC friends.

I want to thank RAT for hosting such a fun trial at such a great facility, Argus Ranch.  And offering such great entertainment (the Fido Follies), a wonderful dinner, and fabulous folks.  The two judges, Jeannie Biggers and Bernie Doyle, did a memorably great job judging the courses, which we exceptionally awesome.  All in all, a fun fun fun time.

Billie Rosen
Title: Re: 2012 RAT L'Argus Trial
Post by: aprweber on June 25, 2012, 08:54:04 PM
NATCH 12!! Congratulations Pam & Panda!