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Title: NADACís VT (Video Tape) Program
Post by: Becky Woodruff on January 12, 2017, 04:45:24 PM
Weíve been snowed in here in Bend for a couple of days and Iíve been doing NADAC work while staying warm and looking out on a snow packed, frozen agility field.  While taking some breaks Iíve had more opportunity than I normally do to have the pleasure of being able to watch VT runs, which I always enjoy.   I get to see familiar faces that I seldom see anymore, and ďmeetĒ new faces.  It is so much fun watching different teams from around the US and Canada.
The VT Program is an innovative idea that has really caught on!   People are getting together in social groups to set courses and video each other.  They often will BBQ or hold potlucks in conjunction with their VT sessions.  Some have made it a weekly morning social with coffee/tea and pastries.   Some clubs are considering offering VT opportunities as a graduation.
NADAC staff has held classes where a VT course of the week is set when students arrive.  They get the opportunity to walk the course and then run it.  If they run clean and believe they are under time, they can submit their taped run to the NADAC Office for review.  After the group has the chance to run, they all gather to review each run and share constructive feedback on handling, training, etc.  They then get to walk with their instructor(s) and then run the course again (without the opportunity to earn Q points) to try out and test themselves.  This format has been a great hit.
The VT Program is also a big benefit to people who may not have a lot of trial opportunities.  While others, for various reasons, enjoy testing their dogís skills in a private setting.
The great thing is that people are enjoying the program, time with friends, their dogs and they have the opportunity to earn qualifying points toward titles and other goals.
In answering e-mails that come in to NADAC, it appears that there are people who either donít know what the VT Program has to offer or who have a range of questions about the program.
The NADAC Office would like to answer questions and share the program with interested exhibitors and clubs.
If you will send your questions or comments to me at, our staff will review them and weíll publicly share them.   The VT Program is too good not to share!
If you get the opportunity, grab some hot coffee or hot chocolate or your beverage of choice and watch some of the great VT runs exhibitors are submitting.  Fun to watch!
Hereís the link:
Becky Woodruff on behalf of the NADAC Office
Title: Re: NADACís VT (Video Tape) Program
Post by: Edraith on January 13, 2017, 01:19:53 PM
I *LOVE* this program for so many reasons. I'm always yammering about it to anyone who will listen. It opens up a world to so many people who otherwise wouldn't be able to participate, and if agility is about having fun with your dog, then a big huge trial shouldn't matter, it should be about the relationships :) I am grateful to NADAC for pioneering such a wonderful program.
Title: Re: NADACís VT (Video Tape) Program
Post by: Becky Woodruff on January 14, 2017, 08:13:36 AM
It has been nice to "meet" and get to know you and your dog in the VT agility ring!

Title: Re: NADACís VT (Video Tape) Program
Post by: Edraith on January 14, 2017, 01:38:15 PM
Haha you'll love the most recent Weaver we submitted. We were working outs a lot recently...It was so hard to not just crack up mid-course  ;D Don't take a sip of coffee right before watching it  ;)
Title: Re: NADACís VT (Video Tape) Program
Post by: Sandy Langan on January 14, 2017, 03:50:18 PM
I love the program too. We try to do some each week we are home. If we get it great, if not we work on the area we had trouble with. Also with so few chances for regular hoopers, we can work towards our all around titles. Hoops are easy to set up to run. NADAC is awesome. Thanks for all your efforts to insure everyone has opportunities and fun with their dogs. Sandy Langan