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Title: Great Fun at Laughing Dog Trial!!!!!
Post by: Sara Langston on February 02, 2017, 06:45:26 PM
This past weekend, all the Laughing Dog folks had a heckuva good time in Autaugaville, AL!!!  We had lots of new folks and many long-time friends who came to play with us.  Everyone from the exhibitors and their dogs to the spectators had a very good time.  We even had one man who came on Saturday  to see what agility was all about and brought his wife back on Sunday so she could see what fun we were all having. 

Dwayne Bonker, our judge, was the best!!!  His courses were fun, challenging and offered everyone something to take home and work on.  His positive attitude was contagious especially with the newbies.  He helped them relax and enjoy the experience.  Dwayne was always very helpful by answering questions from Novice to Elite.  The trial ran very smoothly because of his help. 

We had some great successes at this trial.  The biggest was Janice Shavor and Swedish Valhund, Bella, earning their first NATCH!!!!  Congratulations to a great team who really deserves this honor.  Below is a list of the other titles earned during the trial.  Congratulations to each team for your new title!!!

Susan Barmby, Clipper, Smooth Collie, Intro Jumpers Certificate & Intro Tunnelers Certificate
Susan Barmby, Piper, Sheltie, Novice Superior Touch n Go
Kristi Gunther, Faith, Border Collie, Elite Regular Certificate, Open Regular Certificate, Open Touch n Go Certificate, & Novice Tunnelers Certificate
Sandra Huner, Razz, Boxer, Elite Outstanding Tunnelers
Sandy Langan, Dusty, Sheltie, Elite Outstanding Jumpers
Sara Langston, Rocket, Pomeranian, Intro Tunnelers Certificate
Alesa Ryals, Pebbles, All American, Novice Regular Certificate & Novice Jumpers Certificate
Alesa Ryals, Leyla, Sheltie, Open Outstanding Tunnelers & Open Outstanding Jumpers
Jessica Towey, Rebel, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Ret., Novice Outstanding Tunnelers
Jonelle Wolf, Macy, Sheltie, Open Outstanding Tunnelers & Novice Superior Chances

What a great job all these teams have done!!!!  Let's do it all again at the Laughing Dog Trial in March!!!

Sara Langston, Laughing Dog Agility
Title: Re: Great Fun at Laughing Dog Trial!!!!!
Post by: Sandy Langan on February 02, 2017, 07:39:55 PM
Thanks to Sara and Laughing Dog for a fun weekend. You all put on a very nice trial. The homemade food was a great addition.  Tell the girls thank for there efforts. Hope to be back in March. Sandy Langan
Title: Re: Great Fun at Laughing Dog Trial!!!!!
Post by: Karin on February 03, 2017, 04:03:10 PM
Thanks for another great trial Sara.
Clipper has a couple of brags her mum forgot to let you know about, E-XHP title and Superior Open Jumpers.
Title: Re: Great Fun at Laughing Dog Trial!!!!!
Post by: Sara Langston on February 03, 2017, 05:41:14 PM
Congratulations, Karin and Clipper!!!!  Great news!!!  Clipper certainly has come a long way and she is just getting started in her career.  We will be watching for many more titles and awards.

Title: Re: Great Fun at Laughing Dog Trial!!!!!
Post by: Janice_Shavor on February 05, 2017, 08:39:58 AM
I was so focused on Bella and that one Chances run that I neglected to bring my list of which dogs were entered in what.  And since I had done 3 entries per dog on Fri and Sat and 4 per dog on Sunday, I didn't bother to retrieve it from my phone.

So, Sunday Bella's last run is Chances and I look at the gate sheets but very closely since I think I have counted 4 runs for Buddy.  And it is a lovely Chances run.  I considered going ahead and packing up but decided since ring crew was needed for Open, I would help with that first.  I have my preferred spot and am grumbling at a low volume about what a good Chances course for Mr. Buddy to try when the gate asks if I am running Buddy???  He's entered??? Can you run him last since he's been crated for Elite Chances, needs his walk to warm up and move and stretch and O MY, Not many in this class!!  And it's starting to run NOW!

Keep calm.  Only the line moved!  Buddy is ready to go as the last dog.  We get started fine.  There is a pinwheel where some of the jumps/hoops are across the line and some are not.  I get a bit turned around and loose Buddy, [he is right where he should be and doing what he should] and then I loose the next jump [Buddy finds it like a pro] and then we are on the Chances challenges.  I am about 2 steps closer to the line than I want to be; Buddy just nails that course!  WOW!!  So glad I decided to help bar set!! And thanks to whoever took my place!
Title: Re: Great Fun at Laughing Dog Trial!!!!!
Post by: Sara Langston on February 06, 2017, 06:31:28 AM
Congratulations Janice and Buddy!!!!  And, thanks so much for all your help during the trial.