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Title: Four Paws Rule, 8/26-27/2017
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Temperatures during Four Paws Rule's Ring of Fire trial were pretty warm, all right, but we had a great event!  We were happy to welcome judge Keri Daun back to the Inland Northwest.  Keri helped us work out the logistics of our first double-run trial, and was helpful and encouraging to competitors.  Our always-efficient secretary Dorothy Bowers got scores posted fast and drew tickets for prizes in our workers/NQ raffle. Terry Jewett had the grass in great shape.  Karen Egbert's delicious cooking kept us going through both days. (Loved the huevos rancheros and the strawberry French toast!)  Gordon Jewett grilled hamburgers and Sydney Chambers made basil jalapeno margaritas for our late-Saturday-afternoon party, where we also enjoyed many dishes made by competitors.  Volunteers jumped in as needed to keep the trial moving along.  Most important, our participants, dog and human, ran with enthusiasm and good spirits.  Even the Jewetts' cattle enjoyed watching them.   

From our Brag Board:
    Abbey (Giant Schnauzer) & Karen Kellerman: Outstanding Elite Chances title and Outstanding Elite Jumpers title.
    Betty Boop (Boston Terrier) & Chris Painter: 1st Jumpers Q.
    Billie (Bearded Collie) & Linda Thompson: Debut runs!
    Eyce (Sheltie) & Linda Thompson: Novice Weavers title.
    Magic (Aussie) & Dorothy Bowers: 1st Elite Weavers Q.
    Molly (Dachshund Mix) and Karen Egbert: 1st Elite Chances Q.
    Remy (Miniature Poodle) & Megan Bauer: 1st Q ever, in Novice Tunnelers.
    Rowan (Border Collie) & Sarah Spencer Hall: 1st Jumpers Q.
    Siofra (Sheltie) & Linda Thompson: 1st Elite Weavers Q.
Thank you to everyone who made a trial a success.  We hope to see you at our trials next year!  Join us for more food, more prizes, and more fun with our canine team-mates and human friends.

Carolynne Myall for Four Paws Rule