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Title: Breakaway Action Dog, MD Trial, thanks & Brags!!
Post by: Jean Wilkins on November 26, 2018, 03:52:16 PM
What an AWESOME Breakaway Action Dog (BAD) trial we had in Maryland this past weekend.  It was a fun filled, ribbons flying out the door, great friends, wonderful judge, great weather on Sunday but Saturday was very wet, glad to be inside, and just a great weekend overall.
Thank you to all the exhibitors who came out and supported us; helped build courses and work the ring and had great attitudes that made this weekend so successful.  THANK YOU!!!  I will say that we are liking the double run format and everyone seemed to enjoy running the course again and we all liked the little less course building we had to do; especially for tunnelers.  Come out and give this a trial too.
Thanks also to our wonderful judge, Jeff Reidl who always has a smile on his face and an awesome attitude and great to work with.  Thanks for helping us make this trial great.  You rocked!!!
We will be having our Games Only (TN; TG; WV; BR; HP) trials in our building in January and February, and April again. Hope to see you at them. J Check our website for it at: or on the forum.  The January one is posted.  Stay tuned for updates on the new flooring we are putting in, still working on details on when that will happen.
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported BAD. Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  Hope to see you all again real soon.
Congratulations to everyone and thanks for making it a great trial. See below for the list of brags that we had for this trial.  Congratulations to all on your successes.
Trial Chair
Weekend Brags:
Susan and Lilly-Clare came to their 1st trial ever and had a great time & icing on the cake with a Q in Into Tunnelers.
Jackie and Brio earned their S-WV-O title & on to Elite; and their S-BR-N title.  They also looked amazing all weekend.
Shannon and Connor earned their 1st Novice Weavers Q & he acknowledged her existence; a 2nd Novice Tunnelrs Q and then his 1st Agility Title with his TN-N and a 2nd Weavers Q and then got 2 Novice Hoopers Qs.  So fun watching this baby team coming together.
Michelle and Luna also had a perfect Sunday earning their TN-O and WV-N titles and Qs in Novice Hoopers and Open TG.
Stacey and Skye earned their S-WV-E title.
Kala and Ivy earned their WV-O; TN-O; HP-N; TG-N as well as their Novice Versatility title.
Psycho Pipsqueek: perfect Saturday (8/8)
Linda and Gillie earned their BR-E title; S-HP-O title for their Superior Open All Around title; and ended their weekend with their Versatility NATCH 1.  This team looked amazing all weekend as well.
Jean and Zephyr earned their Versatility NATCH 8
Chris and Chelsea earned their All Around NATCH 13
Again congrats to everyone!! You all ROCKED this trial.  See you in January and February!!  Dont forget about our building that is heated that you can now crate in when it is cold outside.
Title: Re: Breakaway Action Dog, MD Trial, thanks & Brags!!
Post by: kbriefel on November 27, 2018, 04:15:28 AM
Sounds like a great time and many big goals achieved.  Congratulations to all of you.

Ken and Max
Title: Re: Breakaway Action Dog, MD Trial, thanks & Brags!!
Post by: Ashley Huffman on December 31, 2018, 01:03:32 PM
We miss you all!  Hopefully, we will be back in the game by mid-winter.

Ashley and Lissie (Huffman) Yox

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Title: Re: Breakaway Action Dog, MD Trial, thanks & Brags!!
Post by: Jean Wilkins on January 01, 2019, 09:53:37 AM
we miss you both too.  Hope you can come back soon & run on our new turf which is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
jean & her crew of 4