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Title: 4 Paws Rule, 8/24-25/2019
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Thank you to everyone who participated in Four Paws Rule's trial on August 24-25, 2019.   Although we call this trial "Ring of Fire," for once the temperatures didn't fit the name.  The weather was lovely!  Warm but not fiery, breezy but not windy, no smoke in the air.  The courses were challenging and fun.  The food was delicious. Terry Jewett's grass was thick.  We were a small group, but a cheerful one, and we had some new people and new dogs join in the fun.

At first we were afraid it was going to be One of Those Days.  As Sydney Chambers, Fred Aussie, and I pulled in, one of Terry's calves somehow squirted out of its pen and bounced around in front of our vehicle. We were afraid it was headed for the road.  Fred was eager to take charge, but he hasn't been trained on cattle, so we ran for Terry.  Terry dashed, dodged, waved, and feinted to get that calf behind a fence again.  The three of us studied her technique attentively.  After some entertaining moments, we were able to get on with trial set-up. 

Next was the Battle of Agility Unscrambled, our trial software.  Although Four Paws has licensed a copy for a long time, our long-time secretary was the one who actually used it.  She was not available for this trial, so Terry bravely stepped up to the job of trial secretary.  Also bravely, Barb Benner served as day-of-trial secretary.  They worked diligently, and the software was corralled too.  Thank you, Barb, for your help.

We were very happy to have our old agility pal Arlene Courtney back in the Inland Northwest as judge.  Arlene was kind and helpful to competitors, helpful with the software too, and interested in every team.  She brought us up-to-date on NADAC changes and kept the trial moving briskly and pleasantly.

A small trial like this one requires everyone's help, and a lot of it.  Thank you to all our volunteers--we couldn't begin to put on a trial without your support.  But we especially want to thank our course builders, who worked so hard.  They were great!  Also thank you to everyone who helped us clean up on Sunday.

We had Gordon Jewett's grilled hamburgers for our Saturday pot-luck, with Sydney's basil-jalapeno margaritas (alcoholic or non), contributions from participants, and many yummy dishes made by Karen Egbert.  Karen was in charge of the food tent, and she kept it stuffed with wonderful treats throughout the week-end.       

From our Brag Board:

Abbey: Open Hoopers 15-point Q-- she got the bonus.
Link: Elite Regular title.
Newton: Novice Superior Tunnelers title.
Piper: Elite Regular title.
Roxy: Intro Tunnelers Q and 1st-- first NADAC trial/run.
Thistle: Intro Weavers-- first-ever agility Q.
Tucker: Elite Chances title and Elite TnG title.

Thank you again to everyone at our trial, and hope to see you in 2020!

Carolynne Myall for Four Paws Rule

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