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2018 Championships / Re: Champs Magnet (using dog on poster)
« Last post by DeafSheltieMom on October 12, 2018, 04:07:01 PM »
I have some decals and magnets left over from Champs.  If you are interested, please let me know via PM (personal message).  I will contact you with my Paypal account.  I will also accept checks, but we can work that out via PM.  Once I am paid, I will mail you the magnet/decal.  Each magnet is $15, each decal is $12.  No charge for shipping.  Just want to give them a happy home  :D 

Much thanks to Karin Bell for selling them for me at Champs!  You rock!

2018 Championships / Re: Winner corrections and apology.
« Last post by Kim_S on October 12, 2018, 08:30:52 AM »
Is there a delete button Iím not seeing? 
General Discussion / Re: 2020 Champs
« Last post by cheyaut on October 11, 2018, 04:23:39 PM »
There's a new event center in Montrose, Co (just south of Grand Junction) and I want to look into it, I just don't know what exactly we'd need.

As for the location east west central, for me, Wyoming BARELY worked. Any further, and I wouldn't have been able to go. I don't get to go to the "east" ones. I like that it alternates, I know even number years are possible for me, odd number is too far. I've been to three so far, plan to go to more! (Although my papillon in training is little enough that we can fly, but not my border collie)
General Discussion / Re: 2020 Champs
« Last post by Vicki Storrs on October 11, 2018, 02:31:27 PM »
I think the idea of a midwest one was to perhaps get in a 3 year rotation.  East/west/central.  We are home from only our 2nd champs ever and it was really hard to be able to take the time away from work.  We had a blast and want to do it again but with a full 2 day drive no matter where it is (east or west), it is hard.  It was 1000 miles to Gillette for us and it will be 900 to Ohio so they are about equal.  If there was a central location, it sure would help a lot of us in the middle and there are a lot of us!  Having originated from the coast, I get that the driving is rather different for shows.  I can't remember ever driving more than 2 hours to a show when we lived in New England and I thought that was long.  Now, unless it is our home club, every other show we attend is 4-6 hours away.

That seems kind of contradictory?  Saying that there are a lot of you but then that you have to travel 4-6 hours for a regular trial. NADAC needs entries for Champs. They have all the ďstatisticsĒ at their fingertips of where the regular trials have big entries (and are held frequently over a broad area) and what the numbers have been at previous Champs. They are going to try to go where they can succeed (so if they can draw from one or more of these kind of areas thatís a big help. I drove from Virginia to Illinois (day and a half) when the Champs were in Springfield, so was thrilled to go to Ohio last year (Easy one day drive). Which, though it was farther east, drew a bigger entry than Illinois, as I recall Chris saying.
We do seem to have these same discussions every year around this time. People want to participate, and thatís great!  They want it convenient, and thatís Completely understandable. But there is no getting around the two BIG constants. NADACís facility requirements (which, as it keeps being repeated every year, is NOT the same as a facility where a regular trial, or even necessarily another organizationís championships, could be held) and the need for entries.
Vicki Storrs
The courses were very similar but not exactly the same.
Yes, the Elite ring courses had a little something extra.  My understanding is this could be done because NADAC were able to have two rings going simultaneously, something that is not likely next year or until such time as it's again held on a surface large enough to do that.
General Discussion / Re: 2019 Champs Pre-Elite Qualifying points
« Last post by dogrsqr on October 11, 2018, 10:49:53 AM »
sandbagging assumption. There are other reasons to keep a well trained baby dog in open.   One that comes to mind is the stress of a baby dogís first big event.   Kim

I agree Kim.  I wonít hold my baby dog back but if she ends up getting to far into elite I would just forgo Champs until I felt she was ready mentally.

If a team has proven that they are able to get 40+ points in Elite Jumpers and Chances, plus 90 points in Elite Regular during the qualifying period -- and then makes the choice to move their dog back into Open for the sole purpose of being able to compete in the Pre-Elite division -- Maybe it's just me, but that seems like poor sportsmanship from a team who has proven their capability at the Elite level.

Now if it was a team who knew they were going to struggle to meet the Jumpers and Chances qualifications I could maybe see keeping your dog in Open Regular to not disqualify them from Pre-Elite -- but a dog who succeeds in Elite Jumpers, Chances, and Regular belongs in the Elite division at Champs.

I remember the first year that Pre-Elite came back and there were dogs with NATCHes entered in that division.... I guess I will never understand someone wanting to win something that badly.

I totally agree Karissa.  I have a new dog and she will likely compete in Pre-elite next year.  We are still finishing up our Novice superiors and I am struggling because she is so different than my other dogs.  However, I won't hold her back from elite just to stay in pre-elite.  She is a good jumpers dog (in novice anyway) and has some great distance, but in regular we struggle because of the turns and discriminations.
I donít believe thatís true about dogs having NATCHES running the year they brought back pre-elite.  I remember Sharon being pretty clear that would not be allowed.
I guess I canít 100% speak for all the pre-elite heights but I was in the 16 inch pre-elite class that year and I donít recall anyone with a NATCH in it.  They didnít finish 1-2-3, anyway.

Paula Goss

Paula, they did.  There were several dogs with NATCH's (or very close to them) that were in pre-elite that year.  That is what prompted the change.
Chris, I LOVE the division of the X-large and large dogs!  I do agree that the large dog division was hard because of the sheer number of dogs!  This is a great compromise!
Thanks Marcy - I got confused about "dogs 10 years or older must run in Double Digit division". Now I see that it only applies to the Elite entries. If all goes as planned, Dylan will be the oldest Pre-Elite there.

I chose to run my DD dog in the DD category even though she had never qualified on an elite level regular course.  She wasn't going to win, but she did get a placement last year!  I guess I just figured that she was DD so I put her there.  It is the same course, the only difference is that you don't do the distance challenge in pre-elite.

Actually this year it was a little bit different.  The courses were very similar but not exactly the same.  And the distance challenge was more of a "bonus" in that you didn't lose points for not attempting or doing it, you earned points for completing it successfully.
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