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ITZ of IL Oct 12 13 14 trial Joliet IL
« on: September 03, 2012, 05:42:06 PM »

 The In The Zone of Agility of IL  Oct 12 13 14 NADAC trial in Joliet IL premium is available at

We are going to have great weather, have a great time, have a great judge, at a great place with great friends !!! 
So come join us :) :)


We really want to get the word out how much fun ITZ of IL NADAC trials are!!   We are instituting a Refer –A-Friend Program. For every “new” person that you refer to ITZ of IL trial that enters 4 or more runs, take $20 off your next ITZ of IL entry.    We are defining “new” exhibitor as one that has never entered or has not entered an ITZ of IL trial since 2009.   So any new folks coming or any ‘old’ exhibitors that want to come back to NADAC are eligible.    There will be a place on the entry form for the new exhibitor to write down who referred them to the trial.     I will keep track of the referrals.    Please note that the new person must write down your name on the entry form in order to get money off your next entry.

2013 NADAC CHAMPIONSHIPS will be in SPRINGFIELD IL!!  Start accumulating qualifying points at this trial !

Be Well & Happy
Lisa Bonker
In The Zone Agility

Be Well & Happy
In The Zone Agility
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