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CIA September THANKS!
« on: September 11, 2012, 09:05:49 PM »
Many thanks to Carol Daggett for coming down to judge for us! Her smile
shone brighter than the sun this weekend! On Saturday we had some dandy
Baltimore-Washington late Summer heat to test her, but, by golly, she's
a great asset to NADAC! Oh, and then the part about the tornado
warnings and fun at the end of the day Saturday..... one EZ Up didn't
fair well but the rest of us? All's well! Sunday was perfect weather

We had great competitors this weekend too! Thanks for all the help and
fun you brought with you! Obviously, we couldn't and WOULDN'T want to
do it without you!

Special Congratulations to these teams-

TESSIE and Paula Goss - NATCH!!!
JUNE BUG and Madeline Meharg - NATCH!!!

KUMA and Madeline Meharg - NATCH-2
(apparently Madeline was inspired by the new, beautiful NATCH ribbons,
huh?! <g>)
LIBBY and Betty Rowe- Elite Superior Touch n Go title
ROBEY and Priscilla Warnock - Novice Jumpers & Novice Touch n Go titles
HAWK and Ginger Allen - first 20 point Q
CHELSEA and Chris Chapman - whooshed by us at 5.23yps in tunnelers (fast
for a teeny-weeny!)

Thanks again to all, and we hope to see you in October! The premium is
up on our website at

Priscilla Warnock
Crownsville, MD
Priscilla Warnock, Lefty & Robey
Crownsville, MD