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The  Fluid Motion Online Training Series is a forum based classroom with both written and video lessons, students have full access to all of the written and video lessons forever.

Additional lessons will be also posted for each class, the topics for the supplemental lessons will vary, topics could include; Timing of Rewards, Toys vs Treats, Hand Signals, etc. 

Students can read/watch the lessons at their own pace as well as joining in on the discussions, there isn't a set time for the classes to meet.  We may have general class chats  that will meet at certain times, Amanda will try her best to work with everyone for a good class chat time.
Student Plus enrollment includes:   

Students can start discussions and reply to discussions in the Online Classroom 
Students can upload their own videos for Amanda's input   (Students are NOT required to post their own video clips, it is an option if the student wishes to upload.) 
Students can email or IM Amanda for private advice
Students have access to a private website with various clips only available to those with a "Student Plus" spot.  There are over 50 different video clips included on the private Student Plus site, including clips of Amanda working with her students during private lessons. The Student Plus private site also includes unedited clips of Amanda working with her dogs, this site gets updated monthly.

Student Enrollment includes:   
Students have full access to Video and Written lessons, but cannot access private Student Plus class page. 
Students have full access to the Online Classroom
Students can view other students videos and the Lesson Videos but cannot upload their own

You can view the forum where the classes will be held at

You can view sample video lessons at the Fluid Motion Youtube channel at

To sign up please visit

Current Training Series:

Foundation for Distance 101

This series will cover how many first starts introducing the Training Gates to be used for her Distance and Directional training, the lessons in this series will cover teaching a Moving Wait and how she first starts teaching the Gates.

Directionals 101

This series will cover how Amanda uses the Training Gates to teach her Directional commands; Switch, Tight and Back. These lessons show the very first steps to using the gates to teach directional commands.

Foundation for Contacts 101

This series covers how Amanda uses her Training Box to teach fast, realible contacts. This series covers the groundwork for teaching your dog how to stop in the box and the beginning steps to introducing the box to contacts.

Off-Set Weaves

This training series covers how Amanda teaches her dogs how to weave, the method is somewhat similer to the 2x2 method. This series will cover each step of how Amanda taught her young dog Nargles how to weave. This series includes each session that Amanda worked with Nargles on the Off-Set Weaves method.
Advanced Distance 101

This series will cover how Amanda uses the gates to teach her dogs to more away from her, She will show how she uses her "Gate Box" to teach fast tight turns as well as increase speed and distance. She will also discuss how she uses the gates with the agility equipment to teach discriminations as well as to teach her dogs to move away from her for Chances lines.

Homemade for Dogs 101

This series will cover getting started cooking for your dog, how to balance a meal, what foods to add, how much to feed and what supplements should be added. Amanda will also be covering adding "extras" to a commercial food and how to add a "fresh day" to your dogs weekly meals.

Health and Fitness for Dogs 101

This series will cover multiple topics including massage, nutrition, supplements and stretching.

Massage and Stretching 101

This series will cover the basics of massaging your agility dog as well as proper stretching.

Future Classes to be added:

Training for Superstakes

Nutrition for the Agility Dog

Raw Feeding 101 

Selecting a Commerical Dog Food

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