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problems with "Show unread posts since your last visit"

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Murrelet Halterman:
For the last two days this option has stopped working for me. I can see the unread posts when I click on the "click here to try all unread topics" in the purple bar, but the other option had been working fine for months. I was wondering if this is happening to anyone else,  and what some thoughts might be - is this a setting I somehow changed while sleepwalking (since I haven't consciously changed anything for weeks), or is this a Forum issue?

Thanks for any thoughts/help!


Jean Sather (McCreight):
It's been working fine for me, Murrelet ....  I have occasionally had that experience previously, but then it seems to fix itself ....  and I don't change anything ...

Linda W. Anderson:
I am no longer getting this tab at the top right when I log in.  I've had this problem for a few weeks now.  I do have "Unread Posts" on the bar at the top of each group, but I used to have one for "All Unread posts".

Chris Nelson:
Try hitting the arrow in the top right corner...I am betting you also can't see your profile picture at the moment.

Murrelet Halterman:
I have the link (and my profile pic), it just wasn't working. Just now it showed several new posts, but not all of them. No worries - I'll just keep at it. Hopefully it will magically heal itself!

Thanks, Murrelet


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