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Register when you arrive, Pay by cash, check (made out to Beach City Dogs) or you can
pay by PayPal or Credit Card with a 5% convenience fee added to the amount. You can
pay online now and we are set up with PayPal but you need to add 5% for a convenience
Fee, it’s not added automatically yet. Soon, we’ll have cc’s online also.
Canine Good Citizens Test and Certification offered on Sat and Sun afternoons
For $20/dog. Contact to let us know you want to do this and
which day.
RV Parking: $25/night, no hookups. Plenty of space on 25 acres
Plenty of room for set ups inside barn and outside by agility, dock and pool, on grass,
around barn on 25 acre ranch
AOUCEMET! October has been “American Staffordshire Terrier and Pitfull
awareness month for the good qualities of these breeds and the mixes. There are many
wonderful dogs in the shelters. After the tragic loss of our wonderful friend Karyn
Dawes, we are offering special awards to any purebred of mix of these breeds in any
performance contest at this event. As for any dog and handler, good behavior is
demanded and handlers are mandated to be in control of their dogs all of the time. Not
all dogs love all other dogs, or love children but it’s up to their owners to train the protect
their dogs. Special awards will be given to the “best purebred or mix” in any of the
contests offered at this 3 day event” Service dogs out there of this breed, please come
show them off to the public!
Friday October 26 : 9am to 12:00 and 1pm to 5pm (may go later)
NADAC Agility Trial All 3 days in Large Horse Arena, Must be entered
Bargain practice ALL Day at $25/dog for swim or dock diving 9am to 5pm
(we’ll extend for agility competitors if they need they need the time)
FREE instruction for newbies
WARNING: The sport of dock diving is ADDICTING!
Agility Confidence Course $5/dog, you get 2 times on this simple course to
Try out agility
Nosework Demos and Practice for the “Pumpkin Patch Search Games
On Sat and Sunday” All dogs can learn this!
Saturday October 27: 8am to 6pm
Open Swim and Dock Diving Practice: 8am to noon and 2:30 to 4pm $15/dog.
Swim and Dock Diving Contest Dogs 1pm to 2:30pm $10 entry swim (2 laps
Timed) Dock Diving $10 entry fee (3 jumps,measured) Best time or
Distance used for contest
Open Swim and Dock Diving Practice 2:30 to 4pm
Swim and Dock Diving Contest 4pm to 5:30pm
Awards given immediately following
Categories in both Swim and Dock Diving: Dogs 12” and under at withers;
Dogs under 18” at withers; Large dogs and Veteran Dogs over 10 years
Depending upon entries, we may open new categories and offer new medals!
Medals are given for 1st through 4th for each category in each contest
Costume Contest! Prizes given for Best Costume of Dog/Handler and
Best Dog Costume! BCD will give an award to the best “theme” costume for
Dog/handler “Beach City Dogs” themeThis will be done in a parade and worked
around the NADAC trial schedule and Dock/Swim Contest Schedules
Games Contests ($5 entry fee each game): In each Category, there will be
“The Race”: This is a recall for speed, start and finish line, categories of
Small, medium, large and veteran dogs.
This will be held approximately 10am to 11am on the grass dog field.
“Pumpkin Patch 'osework”: This has 2 categories: Novice is with food for
The item for the dog to search for and the Regular Category is for the dogs
Searching for the scent the handler brings that will fit into the small 3” plastic
Pumpkin that will be placed in the “pumpkin patch”. Search will be timed and
Awards will be given for the correct indication in the shortest time. Come
Practice/learn on Friday! Free Training
This will be held by the east entrance of the barn at approximate noon to 1pm.
“Musical Sits and Downs”: When the music stops, “sit” or “down” quickly, last
One gets eliminated and the last one left at the end wins! 4th to the last, gets a
4th place medal. Separate contest for Sits and Downs!
Contest held 2:30-3pm on the grass dog field by the dock/pool
“Halloween Obstacle Course”: No agility experience necessary, it’s more of
A test of environmental issues that agility obstacles but nothing will be too
Startling. Each obstacle is given points and the course is timed. Points and
Time go to winners. Regular and Veterans Classes.
Contest held 3:15-4pm in the barn near the east entrance
CGC Certification: Reserve your time, contact BCD
Agility Confidence Course: $5/dog, 2 times through course
Sunday, October 28: Same schedule as Saturday. Schedules may change slightly to
accommodate participation with dock jumping, swimming with agility participants.
In the spirit of “Halloween”, please feel free to come in costume but the
Costume contest is schedule for judging on Saturday.
Gift Baskets will be given Sunday for the Dogs earning the most points for
The weekend in the BCD contests (excluding 'ADAC)
(10 points for 1st, 7pts for 2nd, 5 pts for 3rd and 1 pt for 4th place)
Highest points will receive gift baskets including gift certificates to use at
Beach City Dogs for dock diving, swimming, agility or nosework classes,
Toys, treats and more, 4 gift baskets awarded